Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back To School Photo FUN

This photo from a recent issue of Real Simple magazine and the beginning of September have sparked the back-to-school spirit in me.

And Cheryl's recent post reminded me that I haven't taken time to practice any still life photography lately, so I grabbed my box of new colored pencils and set to work.

The rainbow of colors makes me smile, but I decided to add the apple to give it that true back-to-school feel.

Then I moved the apple and tried a few different angles.

Taking inspiration from Cheryl's post, I then added a quote to one of my photos.

And since I was having so much FUN, I even added a quote and two of Cheryl's textures to another one!

Honestly, I didn't spend much time actually taking the photos - I simply wanted to take a few minutes and act on the inspiration from the magazine photo and Cheryl's post. Then I took a little more time today to upload, crop, edit, and add quotes & textures to the photos. So much FUN to just play around with photography this week!

I'm linking up with Cheryl's September Still Life Exercise - will you be joining us?


  1. My favorite for the combination of composition, depth of field, lighting, and the quote is the one with the wisdom quote. Great way to play!

  2. You have a group of really great photos here! I love seeing the different angles and points of view. Still life photography has definitely taken a back seat here. No excuses, though.

  3. Oh Melissa - you have some SWEET still life going on here. I love that you took inspiration from the magazine and made it all your own. I think my favorite shot is.....the 4th one and the wisdom quote one. Okay, so I picked 2, I love them all!!
    Thanks so much for playing along and I'm glad you had fun doing so!

  4. I can't wait to see what you draw/color with those pencils!

  5. Funny, I was going to comment that patience pays off and then when I read right to the bottom I saw that you hadn't needed too much time to get your shots after all! It's about taking enough pictures and being willing to discard one idea and move on to another . The apple works so perfectly.


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!