Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"FrouFrou & Whimsy" Decorations

Inspired by my success with the red & white display in the china cabinet, I decided to try a new arrangement on the mantel this year as well. I included several pieces of green glassware, along with pine cones and green and gold decorations. It's quiet a departure from my usual display of Santas or photos, a little more of what I call "froufrou" - a term I use to indicate something is fancy or showy or formal.

Since we did not put a tree in the toy room this year, I decided to display the Christmas village on the game shelves right outside the toy room . . . and let Robbie complete the display.

Look closely and you'll see that Robbie has quite the whimsical vignette here!

Did you notice Spiderman climbing out the church window (in the first photo)? How about Fred & Wilma Flinstone driving by (in the second photo)? Or Troy Aikman ready to throw a pass (in the third photo)?

I mentioned to Robbie that all these changes to our Christmas decorations made quite the eclectic display, and he dubbed this the "froufrou & whimsy" year. Here are a few more examples:

I put our new snowmen beside the fireplace . . .

. . . and Robbie put a leg lamp beside the TV!

I bought decorative Kleenex boxes and displayed my Monday flowers on the end table . . .

. . . and Robbie added a display of characters to the other end table! Not only is it FUN to look at, it's entertaining - when you press the rat's foot, he sings Jingle Bells . . . which causes the voice-activated Minion Dave to spout random minion phrases and the occasional "Ba-na-na!"

I set up the green Christmas tree (which we decorated together) . . .

. . . and Robbie found a spot for the Charlie Brown Christmas tree (which he decorated all by himself).

We're both enjoying the "froufrou & whimsy" throughout the house this year! How would you describe your Christmas decorations?


  1. You have so many interesting things to looks at here! Our decorations are a real mix of things we have collected over the years

  2. Your decorations are lovely. Ours are a mixture of things we have collected over the years. this is our second Christmas in this house, and things are still finding their correct place.

  3. You have such a fun collection of things here. It looks like you have Christmas throughout the house. I love that---everywhere you look--something Christmas-y!

  4. yours are great! I would say ours are MINIMAL this year! LOL

  5. Love the mantle; it's beautiful! We have decorations in all the downstairs rooms and a couple in our bedroom, but we've really pared down the last few years.

  6. Well I like the toys - but that shouldn't surprise you :) Love the Santa Kermit and I like the combination of frou frou and whimsey!

  7. What a fun post - thanks for sharing!


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