Monday, December 1, 2014

November FUN Check-In & December Plans

Wow, I can hardly believe that the last month of my FUN year has arrived! I have really enjoyed concentrating and being more aware of the FUN in my life this year.

November was filled with FUN:
*crafting at Crafty Tuesday
*discussing Songs of Willow Frost at the library book club meeting
*hosting a get-together here for my missionary friend Becky who is home from Kenya for the holidays
*visiting & playing games with Mama & Daddy
*playing games with my friend Thayer & her kids
*scrapping with my friend Michelle
*enjoying a visit from Robbie's brother
*taking a folded Christmas tree class at the library (which I'll share about in a future post)
*watching Harry Potter movies

We also took a week-long road trip to Florida to celebrate Robbie's 50th birthday and Thanksgiving. We enjoyed several days at Universal Studios and Harry Potter World (more about this in a future post) and a non-traditional Thanksgiving in Sarasota. Along the way we saw the Mockingjay Part I movie and listened to a couple of audio books. The best part was simply getting to spend time together, whether it was getting soaked on the Jurassic Park ride, drinking Butter Beer, relaxing on the beach, or driving 19 hours straight to get home in one day!

Here's a look at my FUN November photo collage.

 My FUN plans for December include:
1. Celebrating the birth of the Messiah - Merry Christmas Y'all!
2. A quick trip to see Pun'kin Natashia as Mary Bailey in a local theater production of It's A Wonderful Life.
3. Lots of get-togethers with friends, including a gift exchange & potluck for Crafty Tuesday and the discussion of The Tower, The Zoo, and The Tortoise & another potluck at the library book club.
4. A night out to see A Christmas Story - The Musical.
5. Celebrating our 13th Anniversary.
6. Watching the remaining Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Browns football games.
7. Catching up and working through the new materials in the One Little Word class - I really am going to get caught up this month!
8. Continuing to work on my 2014 digital workflow.

 Did you have a FUN November? What FUN things are you planning for December? 


  1. You've really aced the One Little Word this year! What FUN it has been to see every month's collage of photos. Our November ended with lots of fun times with family. The house is pretty quiet today now that they've gone back to Chicago! In just a month, though, we'll be headed their way.

  2. So glad you've had so many opportunities to live your word this year! My November was anything but fun and I'm happy to leave it behind. Although it did end on a happy note with Thanksgiving with all my girls home.

  3. it was fun to read about your fun! see you in a bit!

  4. November was pretty good and I'm hoping December will be even better..especially when TTO gets here for the holidays.

    19 hours? Wow, I'm not sure it took us that long to get home from Florida even including sitting round the airport. Weird thought

  5. I honestly don't know anyone who has really stayed tried to their OLW and I'm so glad you've shared it with us. I'm looking forward to seeing what your word will be next year

  6. I hvw loved your FUN posts this year and enjoyed sharing your joy. Your posts really do brighten my world. I hope you finish off this yrpear with a really FUN month and Happy Anniversary!

  7. Hopefully December will be really full of fun.
    I can't imagine driving 19 hours straight!!

  8. It sounds like you had a lot going on and a lot to look forward to - fun reigns!

  9. Its been good to read about all your FUN things this year.

  10. This has been a FUN project to enjoy vicariously - glad you got to spend time together and enjoyed Florida.


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