Sunday, March 1, 2015

INSPIRATION - February Review & March Plans

Here in Texas, February ended with a week of winter weather including ice and snow - not exactly FUN for this southern girl who enjoys the sunshine. However, all those days at home afforded me lots of time in my craft room to end another month of INSPIRATION.

 February Review
1. Simple Scrapper membership - I created several layouts using INSPIRATION from sketches/templates in the Simple Scrapper membership and am continuing to use the Start Fresh planner in my INSPIRATION 2015 notebook. I downloaded quite a bit of additional material for INSPIRATION during the two months' free membership that came with the Start Fresh workshop and participated in a couple of chats this past month as well.

2. Scrapbook Expo - I truly enjoyed this event! (See my review HERE and some of the make & takes I completed HERE.)

3. INSPIRATION notebook - I completed the set-up of my notebook and shared a video walk through HERE. I'm excited to have this as a tool to help me get the most out of my year of INSPIRATION!

4. January Top Five - I completed all of my January Top Five layouts: (1) Trey & family visit, (2) "Girl's Night Out" with Mama, (3) Pun'kin baptized, (4) Twins got email & text & FaceTime, and (5) Summer said "Me, too". I'm excited to have a great start to our 2015 chronological album.

5. Strong Women Stay Slim - I enjoyed the Strong Women Stay Slim book and the INSPIRATION it provided in my quest for a healthier lifestyle. I'd read this book several years ago, but can always use a reminder about how strength training in addition to a good aerobic exercise program are so beneficial to health and weight loss.
I found lots of other creative INSPIRATION in February and completed 15 layouts, 1 mixed media canvas, 5 cards, 9 postcards and a video. I added to my Worship Journal, participated in the Pile of Postcards Valentine Exchange, watched Lain's free Scrapinar on adding glitter to projects, made a little more progress on my 2014 digital workflow, and published 21 blog posts. I even sent some happy mail to friends!

For the month of March, I'll be exploring and acting on INSPIRATION in several ways:
1. February Top Five -  I'm challenging myself to scrap my top five (photos or stories or events) from the previous month. Here's my February Top Five list: (1) Doily Days, (2) Pile of Postcards Valentine Exchange, (3) Scrapbook Expo buttons, (4) A Case of the Agents of SHIELD trading cards, and (5) Ice & Snow! [Confession - I already completed one of these and started another one rather than put the memorabilia in my to-scrap file, so I'll be sharing those in the next few days!]

2. Digital Workflow - I still need to process and order photos from the last two months of 2014. I'll be working through those photos, creating a few digital layouts, and putting photos & memorabilia in my 2014 storage binder.

3. 2011 Chronological Albums - I've made great progress on these albums during the first two months of the year. I would love to complete them in March, however it will be a busy month and I'll be happy to just make additional progress toward this goal.

4. Truth Scrap - I still want to complete my review of the materials from the Truth Scrap event, create a few things, and share them here on my blog.

5. Spring Break Travel - Yes, even though neither of us is in school and I'm not currently teaching, we still have spring break plans. First, I'm headed off for a short girls' spring break road trip with a friend, her teenager daughter, and her daughter's friend. Then Robbie's brother and his family will arrive from Ohio for our nephew's spring break week. We'll be enjoying time here in our area and taking a road trip as well. For me, there's so much INSPIRATION in travel - opportunities for photography, enjoying nature, learning new things, trying new foods, building relationships with travel companions . . . and, of course, lots of photos and memorabilia to scrap afterwards!

6.  READING FOR INSPIRATION - Throughout the year, I'm planning to read books that will inspire me in various areas of my life. Here are two that I'll be reading this month.

What kind of INSPIRATION did you enjoy in February? What are your plans for exploring and acting on INSPIRATION in March?


  1. thank you for the happy mail! It made us smile!

  2. Another super productive month for you! When it comes to crafting, you're the queen of getting it done! I'll be on the road in March, and hoping to get back to daily sketching which I let go this month. That's something I can do while traveling. I'll be taking lots of photos, I'm sure, and having fun with our friends.

  3. I managed to stick to my February goal of completing a layout a day. Even when I didn't feel like it. I haven't decided 100% on March plans yet. Hope to sit down with my planner today. Seems like you have it completely under control! I'm using your example as my INSPIRATION.

  4. You had a great February and sounds like March will be great too! Now about that sunshine.....where is it???!! LOL

    Sandy’s Crafty Creations Blog

  5. You manage to cram more in a month than anyone I know!! Looks like your March is full too! Have fun with the family. Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

  6. I totally agree that travel is one of best ways to find new inspiration..all those photos, all that FUN

  7. Gosh, you set your sights high every month and then deliver - I admire your determination, as well as your inspiration, very much!

  8. Have fun travelling and reading, I've enjoyed reading more this year too.

    My friend who moved to Dallas has also complained about the cold - she wasn't a fan either ;)

  9. Wow! You accomplished a lot in February! In March, I'm going to play in my art journals but I also want to keep up some of my scrapbooking momentum.


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