Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Musings - Illustrated Faith

When I was growing up, I never wrote in my Bible. It just wasn't something that occurred to me. As a young adult, I took notes during church . . . but always in a separate journal or on special notes pages. However, over the past 20+ years, I've embraced underlining and highlighting and writing in the margins of my Bible.

As I mentioned in my post last Sunday, this year I'm adding some creativity into my quiet time. One of the ways I'm doing this is through creative Bible journaling based on INSPIRATION from Shanna Noel's Illustrated Faith classes and website. I first saw this idea on the Internet last fall and learned more about it during Shanna's class in the Truth Scrap event in late January. I also recently reviewed all the materials in Shanna's first Illustrated Faith class on the new Big Picture Classes site .

I'm not really interested in following prompts for Bible journaling as I prefer to journal and/or make notations in my Bible based on lessons I'm learning, sermons I hear, or things I feel the Lord showing me during my quiet time. As I was once again reflecting on my favorite Bible verse (Jeremiah 29:11) in preparation for my class at Scrappin' Goodtime earlier this month, I took time for a little creative Bible journaling.

I have not purchased an actual journaling Bible designed with wider margins and lines for taking notes because I own a wide assortment of Bibles. I chose my New Inductive Study Bible for this exercise and plan to use it throughout the year as INSPIRATION leads me to journal creatively.

Do you write or journal in your Bible? What type of Bible do you use?


  1. I think adding notes and bits of creativity to your bible is a fabulous idea! Someone in the future will definitely value it!

  2. I have a beautiful annotated Bible given to me by my family many years ago. I cannot bring myself to underline or make notes in it. I use sticky notes instead.

  3. I've seen a lot of Bible journaling classes popping up over the Metroplex. I have taken notes and highlighted areas in my Bible for many years but never as a child. I think my mom would have thumped me on the head. LOL

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  4. Oh, I think I need to look into a journaling Bible, as I would never write in a Bible, or any book otherwise. If it wasn't printed to be a workbook, I can't bear to write in it.

  5. In the UK we don't have journalling bibles or even bibles with large margins, or so I thought. But I found one recently and I've signed up to the big picture classes, as this really speaks to me.

  6. I highlight and write in my Bible, it's a Couple's Devotional Bible. It's a bit ragged but I can't imagine transferring all the notes, thoughts and highlights! I have to admit I was appalled at people writing in their Bibles when I was younger. Thank goodness I realized it's my guidebook and owner's manual ;) The idea of a journaling Bible does interest me, though...but I'd probably fall back to the old one. You know what they say...A well worn Bible is a sign of a well lived life.


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