Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Musings - Worship Journal

I strive to spend quiet time with the Lord each day. In all honesty, when I look back at the end of each week, I often find that I've skipped that precious time once (or more!) and excuse myself because of the busy-ness of life. But that's just an excuse; the truth is that I have time every day to be alone with the Lord, but I choose to do other things instead.

At the beginning of the year, I once again committed to this time with the Lord. This year I'm adding some creativity into those quiet times in the forms of a Worship Journal, Bible Journaling, and merging art and faith in a way that helps me give honor to my Savior.

I chose a nice leather journal that's been in my stash for a couple of years to use as a Worship Journal, a place where I can record scriptures, lessons I'm learning, and sermon notes. I started by removing about a third of the pages from this bound journal. Then, using INSPIRATION from Stephanie Ackerman's Documented Faith journal, I put washi tape along the edge of every other page.

This is not necessarily a daily journal, rather it's one that I pick up during my quiet time to reinforce a scripture or message that I feel the Lord speaking to me through my Bible reading or a recent sermon or conversation.

I actually got artsy on the inside of the front cover during the Truth Scrap event at the end of January. I love the idea of this journal being a journey of faith.

I used some stamps to create a very basic title page (which I may add to at a later date).

On the following page, I printed and colored the Happy New Year Coloring Page from Stephanie Ackerman and added a scripture around the outside of the page.

On January 1, I created a page using the first Document Faith prompt.

I included a little personal journaling as well.

I originally thought I'd follow along with the prompts in the Document Faith journey throughout the year, however after completing this first page I am basically just doing my own thing and using this journal when INSPIRATION strikes. For example, here's a page I created after hearing a sermon in early March.

As you can see, this is not a fancy art journal filled with masterpieces. It's simply a place that I can play with colored pencils and markers and stamps and pens while I contemplate various scriptures and messages related to my faith. I'm truly enjoying this form of worship and feel that's is a wonderful addition to the time I spend with The Creator!

Do you have a quiet time practice? What types of activities do you include during that time?


  1. Creativity and spirituality entwined - feels so appropriate, and I hope you continue to enjoy the way they nourish each other.

  2. My faith is more and more important to me each day. I've been looking at something called illustrated faith and I believe a class is on the big picture site too. I have many bibles which I don't want to work on, so I bought one especially for this to try xx

  3. this is wonderful! I might have to start one for my quiet time too.

  4. What a beautiful journal! I especially love the title page. I started a small notebook about prayer, but never considered doing any artwork in it. Yours is just lovely.

  5. This is fabulous, Melissa! I love your artwork in your journal. So pretty!

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