Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blog Every Day In May - Happy Mail Sent

Back in February, I started a small list of people I planned to send some Happy Mail to over the next month. Well, March came and went and time kept speeding by, but I was finally able to get a few cards created and in the mail by the end of April. Taking INSPIRATION from the BPC Postmarked class on watercolor cards, I used my gelatos and water pen to create stripes and backgrounds for these cards.

These rainbow stripes are my favorite - I'll definitely be doing this again!

I left the inside of the cards mostly blank so I'd have plenty of room to write a note to each recipient.

Have you sent or received any Happy Mail lately?

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  1. Cute cards. I haven't sent any happy mail, but I really need to... definitely there are days when I wish I didn't have so many interests so that life could sslow down and I could catch up a bit!

  2. I've been the recipient of several lovely surprises lately: each has come when a boost was needed, so I have been very grateful. I bet your cards will go down a treat

  3. I received a lovely postcard a month or so, totally out of the blue. It really made me smile x

  4. I think I need to move that class higher up my "must do" list, I've been busting to play with watercolours, and those cards look great!

  5. I've received a couple of lovely packages in the mail recently---both blog wins. I've sent a lot of cards, but they don't qualify for happy mail as they were all for special events.

  6. Fabulous cards! I have not received any happy mail except a wedding invitation (that is very happy) and some goodies I've ordered. :)

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