Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blog Every Day In May - Not Really A Camera Review

Cate's prompt for today on her challenge to blog every day in May is to "review your camera." Honestly, I like all three of the cameras I currently use -  the Canon PowerShot SD870IS 8MP Digital Camera (our first digital camera, 8 years old now, small & easy to slip in a purse or pocket), the Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR Camera (a gift we gave ourselves for Christmas in 2011 before our 10th Anniversary cruise), and my Apple iPhone 4S (yes, it's probably time to upgrade soon).  I'm not really an expert in photography and continue to have the goal of learning to use all the features on the DSLR; however, I like to take lots of photos and scrap them with our stories and memories. I'm not sure that I could properly explain the difference in these cameras as my main criteria for which one to use depends on what I feel like toting around or (in the case of my iPhone) which one I happen to have with me when I want to snap a photo.

So, rather than a camera review today, I thought I'd share a few layouts I completed with photos (all taken with my iPhone) from Scrapbook Expo 2015 back in February. I created a pocket on this first layout to hold the tickets from the crops and class I attended.

Next I scrapped the photo collage I created with pictures of INSPIRATION on the show floor as well as the crop area.

And finally I used a map and some photos of the Gaylord Texas to tell the story of why Susie brought me a Coca-Cola.

How many cameras do you currently use? Would you be able to give a good review of them?


  1. I am a big fan of my iphone camera. It's handy, it's easy and it takes pictures I would never have had otherwise. Think of the pictures we'd have if they had been invented thirty years ago!

    I got anew camera for Christmas: a Canon 100D. I love it and I'm sure if I could use all the features I'd love it even more

  2. I love my iphone 5 - it is always with me and like Sian I wish I'd had it 30 years ago. Hardly every use my big camera but occasionally pull it out.

  3. When I got my Canon 60D, I thought I would still use my Canon P&S - I don't. My iPhone5 took the place of that. I use the 60D for deliberate photography (still lifes, flower shots) and the iPhone for when I am out and about. It is rare that I want to lug the 60D with me!

    And seeing that layout of the Gaylord makes me wish it had been near the Frisco Mercantile on the day we went looking for it! I bet it would have been fun to tour.

  4. I have my iphone which I love because it's always with me. We also have an Olympus Tough which is small and waterproof so it's great around the lakes or pools. I also have a Canon Rebel xTi. I love this camera but it only seems to get used on vacation and for photo shots. And finally we have Sony Handycam which is a video recorder but it also takes photos which is nice when I want both.

  5. I have three cameras. A Canon S95, a Rebel Ti4, and my iPhone 6. I use the Rebel and my iPhone regularly. This week I've shot with both of them several times. The iPhone gets used every day for this year's Project 365. Since I've had an iPhone, my Canon S95 sits on the shelf most of the time. It's a great little camera, and probably deserves some love!

  6. Great layouts and pictures---whatever camera you used!


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