Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blog Every Day In May - Remember When

I've recorded quite a few of my childhood stories over the past several years. Some of them are ones that I'd told often, like how I came to love my blond hair and why I didn't get to compete in the second round of Brain Battle. I've recorded special events (like the year I got a shotgun for Christmas) and captured my feelings about special people (like Grandma and Josey). And I've scrapped lots of photos of my growing up years, from Easter trips to Kindergarten portraits to the senior prom.

However, I realize there's a favorite quote from my childhood that I've never shared. Daddy often reminds me that I used to say this all the time, probably in my tween years. I don't remember where I first heard it, but it was a rather smart-alecky FUN retort that I would spout out very quickly. It's really not very nice, but I'm sure (most of the time) I said it in a joking manner. It definitely shows a little of my rather spunky attitude at that age. So, for your amusement today . . . here's my favorite tween/early teen quote!

Your brain is so small that if I took it out of your head and put it on the edge of a razor blade it would look like a BB going down a four-lane highway!

This quote, without punctuation because I didn't pause while repeating it, reminds me of another story . . . about pausing at the end of sentences when reading out loud and my sixth grade teacher's concern that he should get off the road when I started driving . . . just in case I treated stop signs like those periods. Which reminds me . . . there are still lots of childhood stories I need to record!

Did you have any favorite sayings when you were a tween/early teen? Please tell me I'm not the only one who had a quick retort during those years! :)

Today I'm linking up with Cate and her challenge to blog every day in May.


  1. I wasn't nearly that clever - or spunky.

  2. I always enjoy reading about your childhood..you tell the stories so well.

    I have a favourite one told against me...when I was learning to drive, I took my Mum, brother and sister to the shops. Amongst other things we bought a cabbage. On the way home I swerved very badly going round a corner, and both together my brother and sister shouted "That cabbage just turned to coleslaw!"

  3. I'm sure I did but it's been too long ago and I can't remember!!

  4. What a great photo :). And you clearly had plenty of courage and what my grandmother called "lip" in those days ... I'm going to have to put my memory sorting hat on and do some thinking.

  5. I was a 'lippy" teenager. God bless my mother for putting up with me. Great photo and story!


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