Sunday, September 6, 2015

Happy Mail

For the past few months, I've had piles of miscellaneous items accumulating in my craft room. I'm very slowly working my way through some of those piles and have discovered quite a few pieces of FUN Happy Mail that I haven't shared with y'all. There's some great INSPIRATION for creating cards and such within this group of items!

A great postcard with Beverly's beautiful original artwork. Thanks Beverly!

A pocket, tag and Hershey bar from Barbara, who was cropping at Scrappin' Goodtime when I was there teaching a class earlier this year. Thanks Barbara!

A cute little card that measures just under 3 inches square from LeAnne. This card came in an envelope filled with NASA stickers and patches that LeAnne sent for us to share with our nephews on their spring break visit. Thanks LeAnne!

A lovely card from Annette, who I also met at Scrappin' Goodtime. She was looking for supplies to create a landscape scene that she remembered from her childhood. I think this turned out fantastic! Thanks Annette!

A fantastic layered card from Missus Wookie in an envelope addressed to me AND Robbie because there were several Disney Star Wars trading cards included. It all began with this conversation I had with Robbie back in early May: 

Robbie: The Disney stores in the UK are handing out free Star Wars trading cards over the next four weeks.
Me: That's interesting.
Robbie: Do you know anyone in the UK who might pick up some of those trading cards for me?
Me: Well, maybe. I'm not sure if anyone has a store near them or would even know what I’m talking about. 

Robbie: Umm, don’t you have a blog friend named Missus Wookie? I bet she knows something about Star Wars! 

Well, I found it hard to argue with that logic, so I shot off an email to Missus Wookie and a month later the cards arrived here. (I also learned that Wookie didn't acquire his nickname because he's a huge Star Wars fan, but rather because he is -in Missus Wookie's words - "a big, hairy, scary engineer who can fix anything!") A huge thanks to Missus Wookie . . . and Wookie, too!!

A really sweet card from Carrie, another friend I met at Scrappin' Goodtime. (Are y'all noticing a trend here . . . obviously a local scrapbook store is a great place for meeting new friends!)

A lovely handmade card and some FUN scrapbooking supplies that Susanne was sharing because they were some duplicates she'd received. I think some of these labels will also be perfect for Bible Journaling. Thanks Susanne!

I hope your mailbox has been filled with Happy Mail lately too!


  1. You've got a lovely collection there! Doesn't it give the day such a lift when something arrives in the post?

  2. aren't you lucky, they all look wonderful

  3. Oh what gorgeous happy mail you have there

  4. We were glad to do the wander and pick up the cards. You've got such a nice selection there.

  5. What a lot of lovely happy mail 😊


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