Monday, September 21, 2015

INSPIRATION A to Z (I - Immersion)

This post is the ninth in a blog series where I’m exploring various aspects of INSPIRATION. When I chose INSPIRATION as my word for this year, my first thoughts were about finding, acting on and (in some cases) limiting INSPIRATION. I also knew I wanted this word to motivate me not only in my scrapbooking and crafting but also in my physical, spiritual and intellectual goals. During my FUN year last year, I published a two-week series entitled Where Does My Inspiration Come From?, which looked at the many different sources of INSPIRATION specifically for scrapbook layouts. However, in this series, I’ll be sharing a word for each letter of the alphabet (from A to Z) that relates to INSPIRATION along with my random and in-depth thoughts on that word and the various ways it relates to INSPIRATION in our lives.

I is for Immersion

Immersion is defined as "deep mental involvement" and "complete involvement in some activity or interest." It's also "a method of learning a foreign language by being taught entirely in that language" and "instruction based on extensive exposure to surroundings or conditions that are native or pertinent to the object of study."

I've read that the best way to learn a new language is through cultural Immersion - "the process of becoming familiar with a culture by extensive questioning and by active participation in the life of the culture." While this sounds fascinating, I cannot imagine totally immersing myself in a culture where I don't speak the language or understand the differences in traditions and lifestyle. It seems rather scary to me. 

I began thinking about the link between Immersion and INSPIRATION because of the two courses I participated in focusing on the writing life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I've shared about these courses several times over the past year (most notably HERE and HERE), and I realize how by immersing myself in the study of this topic, I found INSPIRATION for additional reading, discussions with friends and family, and places to visit on our travels. Because of my "deep mental involvement" in the subject, I have a much greater understanding and appreciation for Laura Ingalls Wilder as an individual and as a writer. 

In summary,  Immersion is a great tool for learning new things and it provides INSPIRATION for additional learning or activities. And the INSPIRATION for Immersion could come from a need to learn something quickly or in-depth.

What have you immersed yourself in lately? Please share your thoughts on Immersion and INSPIRATION in the comments. 

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  1. Well, I loved the Laura Ingalls wilder classes. But I think I could safely say that I have been immersing myself in the history and process of knitting socks. It's fascinating to think of all those women who have knitted socks as a source of income. Socks used to be big business!

  2. My husband might say I have a problem with immersion, but hey, the laundry will eventually get done, right? Right now, like Sian, knitting is my immersion subject. So much to learn!

  3. I think my favourite learning style is Immersion, I'm currently reading a book, participating in a FB group, listening to a pod cast and talking about the book with friends/family.

    All good things deserve attention :)

  4. Immersion is the perfect word for you because when you commit to something you are "all in!"

  5. I was definitely immersed in learning to sketch for several months. Our travels interrupted that, but I'm trying to get going again.

  6. Yes, I'm all in favour of immersion too :). I remember going to stay with a French family at the age of 15 (all on my own) and again to Germany for a month over Christmas (again, all on my own) to another family I'd never met when I was just 16, and can vouchsafe it's the very best way of learning a language and enlarging one's vision through experiencing new cultures. Scary? Yep, undoubtedly. Worthwhile? Ditto!


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