Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Musings - Already Planted

Several months ago, Minetta, a participant in one of my Bible Journaling workshops, shared an idea she had for an illustrated Bible page. I knew I wanted to add this quote to my Bible at some point, so I snapped a photo of her completed page.

I've pondered this quote and shared it with a few others, but it wasn't until I saw a great tree in my friend Amy's new coloring book that I knew it was time to illustrate this page in my own Bible. I traced and colored the picture next to Luke chapter 19.

I love having this reminder that God knows what we will need and has already planted the seeds that will grow to supply those needs.

I believe that sometimes God plants the seeds of faith in us so that we can grow in faith and be used to share the good news of salvation to others. He uses each of us in different ways, yet it all works to His glory.

Have you ever considered how wonderful it was that the tree Zacchaeus needed was available exactly when and where he needed it?

BTW - I've recently begun creating Bible Journaling boards on Pinterest in order to collect INSPIRATION and ideas for illustrations as I'm reading and studying the Word. My goal is to create a board for each book of the Bible. The images I pin link back to blog posts and/or Instagram feeds that share more about the scriptures and illustrations represented in the images.You can find my boards HERE.


  1. I hadn't considered that but what a beautiful reminder.

  2. Thanks for the link to the Pinterest board; I'm following you. :-)

  3. Thank you for the link I will have a look

  4. Lovely post for a Sunday morning. I'm off the check out those boards.

  5. Love your page and commentary with it! Amazing how God works in our lives, isn't it?
    Thank you for joining in Scripture and a Snapshot with me!
    I'm off to your Pinterest Board!

  6. Oh my! Coming back to say....would you like to organize MY Pinterest Boards for me?! LOL

  7. What a lovely tree and yes there are times I've been astonished at how things unfold :)


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