Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snap 6 - Trees

I've been thinking about trees a good bit lately, so when Robbie and I took a walk at a local park on Monday I snapped these photos.

The trees are still pretty bare here, but the warm sunshiny days are teasing that spring is just around the corner.


Some of the trees are beginning to bud, while others are still completely bare.

The grass is already starting to green up, so it won't be long before it'll be hard to recall all this bareness.

And these trees planted so near the water will definitely be covered with leaves and provide wonderful shade.

This past weekend I shared a devotional in the illustrated Bible journaling classes I taught. The message was that we need to be rooted in the Word in order to be growing and fruitful in our walk with the Lord, thus my lingering thoughts about trees.

Joining in today with Helena's meme - Snap - a visually linked set of between 2 and 4 images.  The set can be based on colour or shape or subject.


  1. I like trees a lot. What a nice illustration of a tree in your devotional notebook. There are some like minded Snappers out there in today's posts.

  2. Love the symmetrical trees!

  3. Love the Bible illustration! All the trees here are snow-covered, and it was still coming down again this afternoon.

  4. Beautiful trees with some lovely shapes!

  5. There's definitely a hint of Spring in those pictures

  6. Lovely shaped trees and I like the way you have presented all 4 and ten shown them individually.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed your class last week! I hope that using a Bible journal will keep me rooted in the word, the way I should be. Looking forward to seeing more!

  8. Beautiful photos and your bible page is a great surprise addition at the end.

  9. What a great collection of trees - including the one in your bible. I like the leaves and the woodgrain on the trunk.


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