Friday, March 25, 2016

Fit March 2016

Earlier this week we returned from a 10-day road trip (that I'll be sharing lots more about soon!), which means I need to get back into my exercise routine and refocus on making healthy choices. I took time today to check out the March materials in the FIT 2016 workshop and to catch up on my monthly pages.

I actually created the front of my March page on the first of the month after weighing in, taking my measurements and snapping a photo. (I'm using elements from the class to complete one page per month that I'm adding to my calendar/planner.)

I have to admit that I was disappointed that my weight was the same as my February 1st check-in and my measurements had not changed much either. However, I was not surprised since I did not exercise nearly as much in February nor did I take time to track my eating each day. This month has been similar, so I don't expect to see much change when I look at my numbers again next week.

After listening to Cathy's video message in the classroom today, I took time to journal on the back side of my March page . . . and to go back and do the journaling on my February page (since I had not done that yet!). I also reviewed what I'd written in January. The class materials and  the journaling were good reminders that it's not all about the numbers, it's about making good choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle so that I can feel better, have more energy, and enjoy our wonderful life.

I'm feeling good this evening and will be getting an exercise session in on the stationary bike after I publish this post and slip these happy pages into my binder.

How are you doing on your healthy living goals for the year?


  1. My healthy goals are going pretty good this year. Now been at my target weight for 6 months just going a pound or so above and below it. Penny and I are taking regular walks (well she is doing a baby steps to 5k too which I am not!) and we have signed up to do a Colour Run (I'm going to power walk it) in July which is one of my 15 in 50 things to do and one of Penny's 25 in 25. Looking forward to checking in with you next month to see how you are doing.

  2. Not much change in my numbers but I am feeling stronger and have gotten a bit faster so that is good. I am going for endurance, in it for the long haul 😊

  3. My journey is loooong but I keep plugging away. We've traveled 31 days since January 1st.

  4. It's good to hear that you are still sounding inspired and determined. Keep it up!

  5. The fact that you are keeping your health goals in mind is a positive thing. It's a constant consideration for most of us. We all need to just keep plugging along and we'll get there! Hopefully!

  6. Keep it up, you're doing an amazing job


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