Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hello March!

Spring is definitely in the air here in Texas as we welcome the new month!

February was a really good month around here. As I reflect on the five focus goals I chose for this year (MOVE, LEARN, TEACH, SCRAP, CLEAN), I realize that some months I'll focus more on one or two of these goals and less on others, which is definitely what happened last month. Here's a look at what I did (and did not) accomplish.

 MOVE - My exercise goal was at least 30 minutes each day. I actually only exercised 16 of the 29 days in February, a much lower percentage than in January. I'm continuing this same goal for the month of March and have started the month off right!

Due to a couple of cool spells and several days of rain, I did not work on my focus activity for February - mowing, weeding, edging, and adding more mulch to fill out the flower beds. I'm carrying this goal over and started out the month by mowing the yard yesterday.

I had planned a trip to a local museum as my February monthly adventure, however we ended up spending an afternoon at the George W. Bush Presidential Library instead. This month will be filled with lots of adventure as we have a road trip planned.

LEARN - I read five books in February and learned where Newfoundland is located. I enjoyed the February materials in Cathy Zielske's FIT 2016 workshop and am looking forward to checking out the March classroom later this week.

I attended the library's DIY class and learned how to create sun-catchers using old CDs, paint, and distress inks.

We used duct tape to remove the labels from CDs - who knew they were clear underneath! Then using a stencil under the clear CD, we added paints and distress inks to create colorful sun-catchers. I really liked using the distress inks, however I didn't do a great job with  my paint border and the colors "escaped" the lines!

I ended up with two FUN sun-catchers and an idea for creating Christmas ornaments later this year!

Once again I don't have specific plans for any classes this month, but there are a few options at the library that sound intriguing (bullet journals, terra cotta pots, and mandalas & mocktails).

TEACH - As with January, this is where much of my focus was in February. I taught six illustrated Bible journaling workshops and hosted a 6-hour Bible journaling "crop." I taught at Personal Scrapbook and Scrappin' Goodtime as well as at two out-of-town churches. I'm enjoying these opportunities to teach and spend a good bit of time in preparation. Each class consists of two components: I begin with an introduction and product/ technique demonstration, which is followed by a devotional and time to journal. For the church classes and the "crops", I'm also creating goody bags for the participants.

The best part of teaching these classes is making new friends who love the Lord and want to draw closer to Him through Bible journaling.

This month I have two days of teaching scheduled. (I have a list of all my upcoming classes HERE.) Honestly, I am so blessed that God allows me to teach for Him!

SCRAP - With all the teaching and preparation, I didn't have much time to scrap in February, however I did complete four layouts. My favorite is this one using the new Bo Bunny Beautiful Dreamer papers and one of my high school graduation photos.

I'm still planning to add photos and memorabilia to the December 2015 mini-album I created last summer, scrapbook more stories and photos from our Spring Break vacation last March, and create a photo book of our get-togethers with Robbie's brother and his family last year - maybe I'll find time this month!

CLEAN - We were able to complete another one of the bookshelves we're building to house Robbie's trading card binders. We installed both shelf units in the office and moved in the collection.

This month we'll start moving everything in the toy room to the old craft room, cleaning and decluttering along the way!

Did you accomplish your goals for February? What are your plans for March? 


  1. I have started journaling in my bible and my bible study book. Thanks for your encouragement. I did well with moving last month but want to step it up in March. Really enjoying your journey posts.

  2. You certainly were very busy in February. If you ever get the chance to visit Newfoundland (& Labrador) - it is one of most beautiful provinces. Gros Morne National Park is a national treasure.

    I would say February for me was a very successful & enjoyable month.

  3. You accomplished a lot!

    If we could get started on painting inside the house in March I'd be very happy

  4. Well you are on a roll. I admire you so much for your ministry of teaching Bible journaling. I did not have a list of specific goals, but the reason by February flew by so fast was that I was busy. It was a productive month to be sure. I need for at least the first part of March to be the same before nicer weather arrives and I am derailed by spring fever. Good luck with your March goals!

  5. You have made great strides with your aims this month - what a lot of achievements :). That's a huge collection of trading cards - wow!

  6. It's hard to imagine how many trading cards are housed in all those albums! February was a very busy month for us. All three bathrooms were remodeled, including replacing all the cold water pipes and drains. It was a HUGE mess, but the end result was worth it.

  7. Well I can honestly say, I'm in awe! You've accomplished so much in a month x

  8. Oh well done on all the teaching and cleaning/sorting. Both are such big projects, I like the goodie bags.


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