Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Musings - Hannah's Faith

When I introduce myself to new participants in my Bible Journaling workshops, I always tell them that I've been in church all my life. Literally - I was born on a Friday and that following Sunday morning I was in church for the first time! The story of who I am really began before I was born, with my parents. I am blessed with Christian parents who took me to church, prayed for me, and taught me about that Lord. These things influenced my life and helped me become the person I am today.

In the book of First Samuel in the Bible, we learn about Hannah, Samuel's mother. Her prayers and faith are really the beginning of Samuel's story.

Hannah's story of faith is a great example of how God answers prayers. She prayed earnestly for a child, she vowed to give her child to the Lord, and she conceived and bore a son. After he was weaned, she gave Samuel to the priest Eli so that he could serve in the house of the Lord at Shiloh. Then she rejoiced . . . and was blessed by the Lord with other children.

I love this story and believe that Hannah's example of  faith surely had a huge influence on Samuel and helped him to become a great leader and prophet of the Lord. It's also a beautiful example of placing our hope in the Lord.

Rebekah Jones shared an indepth devotional and Bible art journaling video on this story at the beginning of the year as part of her new Heaven is Calling Bible Art Journaling Challenge Series. (I highly recommend her website!)

Who has influenced you and helped you become the person you are today?


  1. I was raised a Catholic and my faith is who I am and I've been attending mass since a baby too

  2. Like you I have been in church since I was a baby. Of course my parents but also my grandmother and great aunt influenced my faith.

  3. My Mom (the one that raised me) was the single biggest influence on the person I am today. I was raised in and out of many different churches. My Mom's faith was a very quiet personal one and I believe I learned that from her.

  4. My mom and dad. My dad was a pastor and our house was in the backyard of the church so I say I was born just over the face from the church. My church and faith families have been a very important part of my life as a wife and a mom too.

  5. Well, I can say I started in church early in life, but didn't stay there. I fell away during college and my single days, not unlike many others, but am happy that my husband brought me back into it even more strongly than before.


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