Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Round Up - Continuing the Conversation

This month's round-up of comments and replies begins with a question from Missus Wookie. After reading my Creative Play post, she asked...how many Bibles are you currently using/illustrating?

I'm currently illustrating in four Bibles and a journal. I still occasionally add something to my NISB Bible that I originally started in, however I primarily work in my journaling Bible.

I'm also illustrating Bibles for Scrappin' Goodtime and Personal Scrapbook. These Bibles are on display at the stores, and I use them for demonstrations when I'm teaching illustrated Bible journaling workshops. Sometimes during a class I'll do a demonstration, like how to scrape paint on a page or highlight a scripture using gelatos. I don't like having these miscellaneous demonstrations strewn through the Bible, so later I go back and spend time reading and contemplating the scriptures on those pages in order to complete the page.

And every once in a while, I pull out my journal and add a page.

Susanne made a great observation on my Scrapbook with Square Photos post that I had not noticed. She said...Isn't it nice how squares and circles go together, whether in scrapbook elements like on your first and last pages or in the pictures themselves like on your second page. Lovely scrapping, Melissa. 

After reading my Pinterest Gone Viral post, I like how Sian summed up my comments about linking back to the original source with this thought...I completely agree. We don't find things "on" Pinterest but "because of" Pinterest and the originator deserves the credit.

There were several thought-provoking comments on my Decluttering INSPIRATION post. Mary-Lou said...A few years ago I decided to stop buying books for a couple of reasons (a)cost & (b)space to store. What I did do was get a library card & borrow the books & in this process I developed a very good relationship with the ladies of the library. They often need to get books for me from our libraries so there is a wait involved, but that does not matter. So, in the end my comment (we finally get there) is that in decluttering our homes & untangling ourselves from things, we can make space for other good things in our lives, our homes & our hearts & minds. I agree that decluttering helps us make space for other things in our lives and am also a huge proponent of borrowing books from the library (as evidenced by the six books I brought home earlier this week).

Cheri said..I'm currently reading The More of Less by Joshua Becker. So far so good. I glean a little from each new book on the topic and still hope to reach my goals in this area some day! This morning, while hurriedly packing for a last minute overnight to Baltimore for work, I pulled two pair of khaki style dress pants out of my closet that I haven't worn in over a year. I use the same two pairs of pants for every work function and finally letting go of the ones that were just hanging there! I've been doing something simliar, letting a few more clothes go as I work through my closet. The other day I wore a pair of capris and a lightweight T-shirt that I haven't worn in a while. All day I felt a little uncomfortable and realized that I haven't worn them because they don't make me feel good, so they went straight to the recycle bin when when they came out of the dryer on laundry day.

Susanne commented...I am figuring out that it is easier to deal with physical rather than digital version of that. This week I am finally recycling any and all magazines on Friday that have sitting around here. I have months, no years of them, that I have put off dealing with. So out they go just as my last subscription expires. Now dealing with unsubscribing online will take a bit more willpower. After reading this comment, I've been more conscious of how many emails I receive that I simply delete, so I've made a huge effort this month to unsubscribe from those that no longer interest me.

Minetta emailed me several book suggestions after reading my Book Reviews & Reading Challenges Update. She said...Have you read The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt by Caroline Preston? It is her story but the whole story is a scrapbook. It starts with her high school graduation in 1920. When I read it I was reminded of my mother's scrapbook. I'll loan you my copy if you haven't read it. 
Some of my favorite female detective stories are: 
Flavia de Luce series (read in order)
Mystery series by Diane M Davidson - all food tiles
Series by Victoria Thompason - all avenue titles
There are two series by Laura Childs. One features a scrapbook shop in New Orleans andthe other a tea shop in South Carolina. Very light reading but fun.
Just an all time favorite book is A Woman of Independent Means.
Another favorite God is an Englishman.
Bet y'all could guess that Minetta is an avid read, but you might not know she's also a retired librarian and teacher! I love having local friends who not only recommend books, but offer to loan them to me, too!

Of course, Robbie got several lovely comments after my Not Very Well-Known post. Sandra said...Oh how lovely, and so loving and kind of him. I'm sure this too made you feel more at ease xx. Karen said...Robbie is definitely the flower man; such a thoughtful guy! And Cheri said...How well known you are is entirely dependent on the circle in which you are traveling. Among your blog tribe you are very well-known and loved! And those are gorgeous sunflowers - Robbie did good!

Thanks, everyone, for continuing the conversation! 


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