Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorandum Monday - Moving Superman

When I decided last fall that I wanted to change things around here at home, I did not anticipate that it would take so many months to get it done! However, each stage has been a FUN learning process as we continue to make slow progress. Building shelf units for the trading card binders taught us that we need to plan those types of projects when the weather is nice as we don't like to work in the garage when it's cold out. Building, painting, and installing a high shelf in the new toy room reminded me that we can accomplish a job quickly if we plan ahead, work together, and stick to it.

This past weekend, I learned a few more FUN facts as we moved Robbie's Superman collectibles into the new toy room.

(1) When you already have such a nice display, it's difficult to get started!

(2) It takes a lot of time and patience to dust each statue, figure, and collectible . . . especially when you get to the smaller ones! I cannot count how many red capes I dusted and reattached throughout the day. (Bonus lesson - everyone, including Bugs Bunny, wants to be Superman.)

(3) Some of the figures come with extra hands!

(4) Apparently some of them also come with extra heads!

(5) While there are some collectors who keep everything in the original packaging so it doesn't decrease the value of the collectible, Robbie is a hobbyist who enjoys the collecting and displaying instead. So, moving, cleaning and rearranging is the perfect time to break open the packages of new items that never got opened!

(6) I decided long ago that being the primary housekeeper does not make me responsible for dusting the collectibles. :) Thus, quite a bit of dust can build up over the years - can you see it piled up there on the empty shelf?

(7) No matter how careful we are, something always falls behind the shelf (and stays there for years).

(8) If we work diligently for six hours, we can move the entire Superman collection! (Not counting the hanging collectibles & memorabilia, of course.)

There's still lots of work to do before the new toy room is complete. Then we'll paint and set up the new dining room and finally get my new craft room in order!

Joining in today with Sian's Memorandum Monday meme sharing something NEW (something you did over the weekend FOR THE FIRST TIME or something you learned and DIDN'T KNOW BEFORE).


  1. what a collection and I agree, much better out of the packaging and on display.

  2. Wow! There's a lot of love went into those six hours of helping Superman move. What a job! But what a treasure trove. I'm sure visitors will love a peep at the new room all set up. I know I would!

    Wishing you a SUPER week

  3. What a super collection. Glad he is responsible for the dusting (lol). But I think all worth the effort to move so you can get to your craft room!

  4. Wow wow wow ... Now that's a collection. I'll be sending Simon around, he'd love to see them.

  5. That is one amazing collection!

  6. What a fun collection - but I wouldn't want to dust it or move it!


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