Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pinterest Gone Viral?

Several months ago I mentioned that I'm creating Bible journaling boards on Pinterest, curating a separate board for each book of the Bible. As a relatively new pinner, I was excited to acquire some followers, almost 30 of them! That number has remained pretty much the same until two weeks ago.

And then, overnight, I had 150 new followers! I'd like to send a huge thank you to whoever or whatever prompted this phenomenon . . . but I have no idea how or why it happened. It's just a fascinating mystery that makes me smile every time I log in to my Pinterest account. In fact, I'm still collecting a few new followers every day and my total is now up to 250. Maybe that number isn't really enough to say my board have "gone viral" . . . but it did feel like it for a little while when my inbox was full of messages saying "you have a new follower."


I currently have boards for 31 (out of 66) books of the Bible and continue to slowly curate pins that will provide INSPIRATION for illustrated Bible journalers.

I am enjoying the process of adding pins to these boards, however I've discovered that some images have been pinned without the link back to the original source. This is disappointing, and I have chosen not to add those pins to my boards. I often hear someone say that she got a recipe or craft idea from Pinterest, when in reality the idea came from someone who posted on a blog or uploaded a photo to a gallery or Instagram account. I think Pinterest is a wonderful resource! It's like having a basketful of fabulous magazines to flip through for INSPIRATION and ideas, but let's be sure to give the "author" credit when we use them!

If you're posting illustrated Bible journaling pages online, please share a link in the comments as I'd love to pin your examples.


  1. I'm guessing someone who already had lots of followers for their Bible Journaling board linked to yours, and ta-da! you have a ton more followers! I knew how many followers I had on Pinterest overall, but never looked at that for each of my boards. Interesting!

  2. I completely agree. We don't find things "on" Pinterest but "because of" Pinterest and the originator deserves the credit.

    It's definitely fun to find more followers on Pinterest

  3. Although I refer to pinterest once in awhile, I try to avoid it! Once I go there, hours can slip by! Congrats on all of your followers. You prompted me to see how many I have---503!! I have no idea how that happened either.

  4. I'm a bit out of the Pinterest loop, but absolutely agree that the creator of the material,should always be acknowledged. Well done on those extra followers - you are clearly meeting a need.


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