Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Musings - God's Love Is A Circle

Several months ago I stamped an image in my Bible during a class I was teaching about using stamps and stickers for illustrated Bible journaling. One of the class participants had brought some stamps to class, and she graciously offered to let us use them. (Thanks Doris!!!)

I really liked one particular stamp that had a beautiful round image and quote, and I quickly stamped it in the front of my Bible. (In fact, I stamped it so quickly I forgot to use my Bible mat, so I didn't have a smooth surface underneath the page and several small areas of the image did not appear at all!) Last week I took time to trace and color that image.

I stamped this image using Powder Puff Chalking Ink, then outlined it using Micron pens and Zig markers. I colored in some of the elements using colored pencils and used a Glaze pen for the blue dots. 

What I enjoyed most about coloring this image was going around the circle with each color while I meditated on the idea of God's love being a circle. Isn't it awesome that we serve a God who loves us completely and continues to give us His love again and again and again! A circle goes around and around without any breaks in it, just like God's love goes on and on. He never stops loving us!

If you look closely at my image, you can see that it's not perfect. I often got out of the lines with my tracing or coloring, and I simply free-handed the parts that didn't stamp well so it's not exactly symmetrical. But none of that matters because the time I spent thinking about and feeling grateful for God's unfailing love is what makes this image beautiful. Remember, His love is perfect, and He loves us in all our imperfections.

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  1. Lovely Sunday musings - fabulous stamp!

  2. Well, the truth is that if you didn't point out the imperfections, we'd never see them. The overall design and coloring is so beautiful that you don't see any tiny flaws! And the meditation is just perfect for the design as well.

  3. Lovely quote and colouring. Agreeing with Karen, I'd not looked for any faults. If I'd seen them - I'd have presumed you were being artistic :)

  4. I was thinking no perfectione expected or needed, it was balanced by your study and time focused with Him. How did I not know you sent weekly emails?!


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