Thursday, July 7, 2016

2016 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt - June & California Family Vacation

When Rinda posted this year's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt List on June 1, I was ready to go. With the list on my phone, I headed out for the day and captured my first six items!

My first stop was at the Sonic, where I found a painted window.

Item #12 - A window

Then I headed into the library, snapping a photo of the two books I'd just completed.

Item #4 - A book or magazine read during 2016

I was at the library to attend our final book club meeting for the 2015-2016 year, which always includes a potluck lunch (this year's menu was salads and desserts).

Item #14 - A buffet of food

I grabbed a bottle of water, an essential summertime drink in the Texas heat, while I perused next year's book club selections.

Item #19 - A seasonal cocktail or beverage

Back at home, I noticed the bags of herbs that Robbie had brought home, fresh from our friend Gary's garden.

Item #11 - Fresh produce

And I took time to turn the page to June on the wall calendar in my craft room.

Item #21 - A photograph of you with a newspaper or calendar page from the time period covered in the hunt

With these first six photos, I was off to a great start on the hunt! A few days later, we headed to California where I was able to capture quite a few more items.

Robbie and I spent the first afternoon at Disneyland, where we enjoyed lots of rides, including It's a Small World.

Item #13 - The moon

We also enjoyed the Jungle Boat ride, especially the hilarious spiel the boat captain shares throughout the tour.
Alternative #2 - a baby (human or animal)

Later, on our way to the Queen Mary hotel (where we had terrible rather eventful stay), I spotted a lighthouse across the bay.

Alternative #1 - a lighthouse

The next day as we waited for Robbie's brother and his family to disembark from their three-day cruise, we found these lovely flowers. Look closely at the three on the bottom right - they do seem to form a heart, don't they?

Item #1 - A "wild heart

The six of us then headed out to tour the Battleship USS Iowa, and Robbie obviously said something funny before he snapped this photo.

Item #20 - Someone laughing

That evening we headed to the beach, where Kathy and I were determined to dip out toes in the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

Item #2 - A footprint or pawprint

Since we were at Point Dume State Beach, Jacob acted like he was Charlton Heston in the final scene of the Planet of the Apes movie (which was actually filmed at this location!).

Item #9 - Someone playing with, in, or around water

The next day we headed to Universal Studios. It was nice to find one of the theme park employees ready to snap a photo of our group before we headed through the gate.

Item #7 - A family gathering

We saw lots of characters throughout the park, including Dracula and the Mummy (whose skeleton is showing in places!).

Item #3 - A skeleton, bone or x-ray

The Universal Studios back lot tour was extremely interesting. We drove down Wisteria Lane, the street featured on the Desperate Housewives TV show.

Item #5 - A porch or deck

There were three separate areas where filming was going on that day, so we saw quite a few campers set up.

Item #6 - A camper (caravan)

At one of those locations, we saw chairs and make-up bags under a huge tent, but obviously the scene was being shot indoors because we didn't see any actors. We did spot this truck with lots of supplies, including a full shopping card (although it wasn't loaded with groceries).

Item #18 - A supermarket cart, basket or trolley full of groceries

We also spotted a bicycle as we drove through the section that is often used for filming areas hit by natural disasters.

Item #10 - A bicycle

One day of our trip, we went on a whale-watching tour. I shared photos of the fin back whale and sea lions we saw in a previous post. We also encountered a huge pod of dolphins.

Item #17 - Twins

Our nephews were both showing their Ohio pride the day we visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum. Thomas is sporting his Cleveland Cavaliers T-shirt, while Jacob wears the Browns colors.

Item #15 - A team logo

The final two photos I'm sharing today were actually taken during July, however they both represent something from June. First, a look at some of the ephemera I brought home from the California trip.

Item #16 - A map showing a trip taken during the time period

And, second, a beautiful layered flower I made at one of the Make-N-Take tables at the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington last month.

Item #8. -A drawing, art project, artistic photograph, scrapbook page, greeting card, or art journal page created by you

If you've been keeping count, you may have noticed that I found all 21 items, plus the two alternates on this year's list!!

Are you participating in this year's hunt? How many items have you captured?

P.S. Who remembers last year's hunt and that oh-so-difficult-to-find item -  a flag pole with at least three flags on it? Look what I found on the USS Iowa!


  1. That's a lot of finds in such short space of time!

  2. Well done on finding so many for the hunt. Those three flags on a pole were tricky - I seem to remember a couple of other boats providing some too.

  3. Wow! Well done! You got them all in one holiday (sorry: vacation).
    I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    Greetings from sunny Spain,

  4. Great photos! I had such a hard time with the 3 flags thing last year as well and finally saw one at a yacht club just a week ago. :)

  5. Such a cool collection! And it tells a great story. What a trip.

  6. WOW, what a super set plus last year's difficult item too, well done. BJ

  7. What a FUN way to blog a trip - and kudos on getting all the snaps. I could have done them all between our short, mostly working, trip to Ocean City and the Grad party the following weekend. But I only managed a small handful of photos at the beach and didn't take a SINGLE one at the Grad Party. Family we haven't seen in two years and I didn't get a photo! Yikes.

  8. These are fun snapshots - well hunted and captured!!

  9. Photography scavenger hunts are so fun! I've been working on putting one together for Venture Camp!


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