Friday, July 15, 2016

Five on Friday

I'm processing photos today, uploading them from our cameras and cell phones to the computer, and thought I'd share five random shots from my July iPhone photos.

After over nine years in our home, we finally invested in solar screens. I can now leave the blinds open even on the hottest days!

Last Saturday, these ladies joined me for a FUN day of Bible Journaling at Scrappin' Goodtime.

Early Sunday morning Robbie received a call that the air conditioning in the server room at his office was not cooling, so we spent several hours hanging out at the office while it was repaired. I took the opportunity to finally do some rearranging, organizing, and decorating in his new office. It's not completely done yet, but it's a huge improvement.

These beautiful flowers caught my attention as I was headed into the library last week.

And, finally, I saved this flyer from Facebook. My Daddy will be singing at this event on Saturday. That terrible photo on the bottom right is him . . . obviously he hasn't quite mastered the selfie.

What photos have you captured with your phone this month?


  1. I certainly don't have any pictures of solar blinds, that's for sure lol!

  2. A fascinating peek into your week! Lovely flowers .. And solar blinds? If we see the sun up here, we're flinging open the blinds and Windows asap!

  3. Happy Friday! Robbie's office looks very calming. Love the clean uncluttered look!

  4. You had a busy week & the Bible Journaling workshop looks like you had a LOT of fun there. Robbie is very lucky to have had you tidy & decorate his office, it looks like a place where a lot of work can get done :) Happy weekend.

  5. I had not heard of solar blinds, must investigate. These pic show great variety in your life, don't they?

  6. Your five photos showed a good reflection of your week. Love the flowers!


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