Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Gratitude Journal - April, May, June

Each day I'm recording something that I'm grateful for in my 2016 Gratitude Journal. My plan was to complete the additional pages in the journal at the end of each month, however I had gotten several months behind. This past weekend I took time to sort through memorabilia and photos and am now caught up! Here's a look at the past three months.

April - Robbie started his new job in April, so I included one of his new business cards on the collage page. We had lots of rain that month, too, so I added some rain drop stickers along with my journaling.

I was thrilled to get to visit with lots of old friends and spend time with Pun'kin when Mama & I took a short trip early in the month, so I featured photos from that weekend on the front of the pocket page.

The back of the page holds several photos - a hail storm, Robbie & me out for a walk, the kale frittata I made (inspired by one of the meals on our Arizona Glamping Adventure). I also included a screen shot of a text from Robbie on his first day at the new job, pieces from the card I received with a blog prize I'd won that month, and a cartoon that my friend Thayer's daughter drew for me (I do believe she'll be a famous graphic novelist some day!).

I embellished the calendar page with more rain themed embellishments.

May - Some of you may remember that I decided in January to use the number calendar list on the collage page to record my daily exercise. You might have noticed that fewer and fewer of those lines are being used as the months go by. (sigh) [I am hoping to show much improvement on my July pages!] I had a partial sheet of butterfly rub-ons that I thought worked perfect to fill in some of the empty space to represent May.

The pocket page holds a few favorite photos and several pieces of memorabilia.

I used another of the butterfly rub-ons for the calendar page.

June - Once again I didn't have an abundance of exercise notes, so I marked off the days I was traveling and used lots of travel memorabilia and embellishments to complete this page.

The photos on the front of the pocket page are all from our California Family Vacation.

The back side holds some memorabilia, a photo of me and my niece Nichole ready for dinner to celebrate her birthday, and photos from my New York Trip.

I finished off the calendar page with a few stickers & my arm band from the Great American Scrapbook Convention that I attended mid-month.

I'm enjoying this album and taking the time to record the little and big things I'm grateful for each month! It feels so good to be caught up and have the first half of the album completed. Six more months and I'll be able to check off item #30 on my 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 list!


  1. Good for you to get caught up! I started a gratitude journal as well, and I'm equally far behind.I doubt that I can catch up now, and I'm trying to decide how to proceed for the rest of the year.

  2. It's absolutely packed full of good things!

  3. This is already such a neat reminder of your year. I hear you on the exercise routine struggles...


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