Tuesday, October 4, 2016

August & September Round Up - Continuing the Conversation

The last couple of months have been pretty busy around here, and I missed my round up post in August. So, today I'm catching up by sharing some of the comments on my blog from August and September.

I haven't joined in with Helena's meme - Snap as often as I'd hoped to this year, but when I have, I've often posted more than a visually linked set of between 2 and 4 images... based on colour or shape or subject. In my Snap 13 - Museum Artifacts, Bells & Antique Mall Booths post, I actually shared three sets of snaps, so I was glad when Maggie and Miriam both admitted to "breaking the rules" too!

On that same post, Sian commented...Wow! So many things to look at. It's lovely to have photos to bring home and enjoy..round here we aren't often allowed to take pictures in exhibitions (Though I guess the advantage is that I get to feed my postcard habit). We have lots of places that don't allow pictures also, as well as many that do, so I make sure to check the brochure or ask when I purchase a ticket. Typically photography is allowed only without a flash.

I always find it interesting to see comments that reflect the different topics that catch reader's attention. My Road Trip post received comments about (1) the layout, (2) the photo, and (3) road trips. About the layout, Barbara said...I love all the little details on this first layout. I really like the bit of doily and filmstrip at the top of the page and repeated throughout the page. The colors are perfect for an Americana type page without looking too patriotic. Ciska said...I love your LO, such vibrant colours and the map for a background really works well, and Ruth said...I love this! I may have to scraplift. About the photo, Karen said...the map is such a perfect background for your FUN photo! About road trips, Sian said...You are right: there is such a difference between driving and flying. I'd take a road trip every time. And Missus Wookie said...I love a road trip, definitely willing to go anytime. It is one of the reasons I need to learn to drive so Wookie doesn't end up doing it all.

In response to my Build It layout that showcases photos of the shelf units we've built as we're rearranging the house, Missus Wookie said...We build - but then we have quite a selection of basic wooden shelves/uprights from IKEA to work with too. So even those we buy we often adapt in some way. We definitely have a mix, too. Some we build, some we've picked up at IKEA (like the red Expedit unit in my craft room), and some are a hybrid (like these wall mounted shelves that Robbie hung last week using supplies from Lowe's home improvement store).

When I mentioned in my Memorandum Monday - Olympic Games post that I was thrilled that the teams entered the Opening Ceremony in alphabetical order in the Portuguese language (because the US was much earlier in the list), I had no idea (as Sian commented) that it was reported at length in the newspapers here [UK] (and may very well not be true!!) that the USA had put a lot of pressure on the Olympic committee to let the teams appear in that order so that it would be on early! Sounds like a media story to me.

When I shared my July Gratitude Journal pages, Cheri said...I love seeing your pages for this journal come together - and how our styles are/were similar and yet totally unique. Cheri used the same Memory Planner album last year and it was her pages that inspired me to give it a go this year. Thanks for the INSPIRATION Cheri! Karen said...Every time you post these, I feel guilty that I fell off the gratitude journal wagon this year, and every time I promise myself that next month I'll get back on! Yours is wonderful. Oh no, there's no guilt allowed in FUN crafty projects! My feeling is that anything you've done is worth it, even if it's not complete. Every time we record a story or a list of things we're grateful for, we are preserving memories and leaving a legacy!

On my La King's Confectionery layout, Karen loved the quote under the journaling. I actually cut that quote from the bar code strip from a piece of Authentique paper. The Authentique papers often have a quote on that strip, and it's so FUN to use something that might otherwise have been thrown away.

When I shared the wall color (Forsythia Blossom) in my new craft room, Karen wondered...That's one bright craft room! I'm wondering if it influences colors at all. I have to admit that yellow walls do sometimes influence colors. However, this new room is larger and much more open than the old room, which makes a big difference. Also, we installed all new light fixtures with daylight bulbs to minimize the added yellow effect from other bulbs. Of course, since yellow is my favorite color, I have to agree with Alexa that there's loads of lovely sunshine in your craft room already. I can't imagine having too much sunshine!

After seeing my Project Shelf, Nancy said...Great post, Melissa! You are beautifully organized! I'm in major overhaul mode right now and plan to use your system for my projects as well! Thanks for the inspiration!��xoxoxo It makes me so happy to know I've provided some INSPIRATION for organization!

The progress we've made on my new craft room elicited lots of comments. LeAnne said...It's looking Awesome!!! Cant wait to scrap in there :). I'm looking forward to LeAnne (who also lives in Texas) joining me for some FUN scrapbooking, too!

Susanne's comment made me laugh out loud...Maybe when the sewing table is painted red, you can whip up a little red valance for top of the blinds too - I can see it now - cute red whimsical print. (Says the woman who can't sew a lick, and should keep her mouth shut.) Great idea Susanne - I'll mention it to (a wonderful seamstress/sewer/quilter) Mama and see if she gets inspired to make me one for Christmas!

Ruth said...Good luck! Reorganising my craft space is the next big job on my list (most likely early next year now). And Alexa asked...I'm fascinated by the collection on the wall to the left of the window. Are they boxes? Stamps? Those are old printer's drawers filled with wooden stamps. Here's a closer look.

We Robbie's also hung a few other things in the craft room: an old wooden tool holder (I found at an antique mall this summer) that holds my Powder Puff ink pads, the Splat clock he got me for my birthday a few years ago, and a plastic drawer organizer (that a friend gave me when she was cleaning out a garage several years ago) where I keep extra letters (chipboard, die cut, etc).

Wow, that was a lot of catching up, wasn't it! Thanks so much, everyone, for continuing the conversation!


  1. This posts are always so much fun to read. Often I mean to go back and see what other comment-ers have said about a particularly interesting post somewhere, but of course I never have time. So this is perfect.

  2. I love these posts! Always so interesting to be reminded and to see what catches our individual attention. I am totally in love with your printer drawers and in awe of the sheer number of stamps you have! They make such a pretty display.

  3. I love those printer boxes. I have a small one filled with stamps in my crafting room. If I had more wall space I'd be looking for more!

  4. Goodness, that's quite a lot of work right there in that post! I do love to see how a project is progressing. As for me, inspired by you, my craft room redesign/overhaul begins next month!

  5. So much fun reading what others have said

  6. Agreeing with others that this is such a fun way to continue the conversation.

  7. I love the use of those printer's trays! After seeing that post originally, I wanted to copycat. I have a half dozen printer's trays to choose from - my only problem? Almost all of my wood stamps are too big to fit into any of the boxes in any of the printer's trays I have! (Is that an excuse to go buy more wood stamps???)


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