Friday, November 18, 2016

INSPIRATION from around the web

Sharing links to some interesting and inspiring articles that I've enjoyed this year!

For anyone striving to lose weight:
21 Dietitian-Approved Tips To Jump-Start Weight Loss
These tips from the first of the year are great reminders of things we can do throughout the year (and the upcoming holiday season) to stay on track with weight loss or healthy living goals.

For those wondering about how much to share online:
My Edited Self Vs. My Real Self
This article focuses a lot on the life of moms, but is relevant for everyone. My edited self is an excited, energetic, spiritually mature teacher. My real self gets anxious when announcing new classes (wondering if anyone will sign up), comes home exhausted (after a full day of doing demonstrations and answering questions), and wonders if I'm the right person for the "job" (of encouraging women to dive into the Word and serve the Lord in their everyday life).

For anyone who wants to take unique travel photos:
How to Improve Your Travel Photography
My favorite tip is to lower the pressure we put on ourselves to take photos of everything!

For those who enjoy reading historical novels:
How A Non-Fiction Writer Finds His Next Subject 
Great article by the author Erik Larson. I've read and thoroughly enjoyed a couple of his historical non-fiction books, which read like novels.

For anyone considering using a bullet journal for 2017:
How to Start a Bullet Journal Without Getting Overwhelmed
I like the idea of bullet journaling for some things but really enjoy choosing a new calendar/planner each year. I just received the 2017 Get To Work Book and am looking forward to getting it all set up soon!

For those who think they could never     (fill in the blank)    :
The Value of Personal Experiments and Challenges
We have a trip planned later this month, so maybe I'll try the challenge to only pack for 1/2 the days you are traveling ... maybe!

For anyone with a full inbox:
Emails to Zero on Your Lunch Break
I process my email everyday and almost always have my inbox to zero by the end of the day, however I know quite a few people who have hundreds (or thousands!) of emails in their inboxes!

Have you read any interesting or inspiring articles lately? Please share a link in the comments!


  1. Thanks for the source connections - several topics caught my eye, but not my time just yet - I have a weekend plan for clicking & checking out the links. :)

  2. Great post and thanks for sharing. I have the Get to Workbook for 2017 and am planning on incorporating bullet jounaling in this book. Not sure how but have some ideas I want to try. Love reading your blog. ~Ann

  3. Great variety of links! Thanks for posting.

  4. Thank you for the links. One in particular jumps out at me ... the bullet journal one. I do my own version, but always looking at ways to improve it

  5. I'm off to to read the Eric Larson one. Thanks.


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