Friday, November 25, 2016

Retro Christmas Cards & Tags (a quick tutorial)

One of my favorite techniques for creating Christmas cards (like the ones HERE) is to start with a sheet of 3x4 cut-outs, like this one from the Authentique Retro Christmas Collection.

This morning, I pulled out this great 12x12 sheet and cut it apart. I ended up choosing these seven pieces to create cards.

I thought these four would be perfect for gifts tags.

And I'm saving this last one to use as a journaling block on a scrapbook page.

I pulled seven card bases from my stash.

As you can see, just adhering these 3x4 pieces to the card bases would have made cute cards.

However, I like the look of layering, so I pulled several pieces of coordinating cardstock and patterned paper from my scrap basket.

Then it was simply a matter of cutting papers, chalking the edges, layering, and adhering

Here's a look before and after the layering together - see how those layers add extra charm and complete the cards.

For the gift tags, I cut a piece of red cardstock into tag bases, then added a few paper layers and ribbons/fibers so I can easily adhere or tie these to gifts.

Typically, I have all my Christmas cards created by this time of year. However, I only have about half the number I need right now! Luckily, I have another sheet of 3x4 cut-outs (from the Photo Play Luke 2 Collection) that I can use to create another quick batch of cards soon.


  1. Addressed my Christmas cards Thanksgiving evening; will mail them when I get home. That's a bit earlier than usual. Love your tags!

  2. I'm making tags with the children next month, figuring they can have fun sticking and gluing - then take the tags home to add to presents.

    Layering (or even a bit of pen work) give such a lift to simple cards. I'm behind on where I like to be, I'll get there tho'.

  3. I was thinking of doing a similar thing to use up a bunch of old 12 x 12 Christmas paper. Yours turned out real cute.

  4. They are so cute! This is the first year I've made different cards instead of a whole batch the same and it has been a lot of fun.


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