Sunday, January 1, 2017


Welcome to 2017!

I'm excited about the beginning of a new year and the word I've chosen as my focus for 2017 - ACTIVE! I'm looking forward to seeing how this word manifests itself in my life throughout 2017. I don't have my ACTIVE year planned out yet, so I'll be taking the month of January to ponder and study this word in order to set some goals and objectives for the year.

My first thoughts include getting ACTIVE physically as well as being an ACTIVE participant in a variety of projects, classes, and events. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may be thinking that I'm already pretty ACTIVE on a regular basis. However, my desire is to take a look at a variety of areas of my life and make improvements and changes to create a better balance overall. I want to invite more ACTIVITY into my weekly routine and to be ACTIVELY involved in things that add value and joy to my everyday life.

To help me begin this ACTIVE year, I've signed up for a couple of classes.

1. One Little Word 2017 - I'm signed up for Ali Edward's annual class and plan to dive into the January materials this week.

2. Chosen: An Online Mindset Journey to Walking in Your Worth - As I'm ACTIVELY evaluating where the Lord is leading me in my teaching business/ministry, I've signed up for this 8-week interactive e-course for purpose-driven women who want to get their mindset right as they walk into everything God has for them.

I'll also be making my word visible throughout the year. For now, I've added stickers to the front of my 2017 calendar/planner.

I'm excited to start this ACTIVE year! Have you chosen a word for the year? Will you be joining me in the One Little Word class?

Here's to an ACTIVE year!


  1. What a great word to use this year. I wish you much success in your travels with this word & of course look forward to your blogging about it. Happy New Year & since it will be the year of the rooster, let's hope we have marvelous things to crow about!

  2. a great word for the year, happy new year.

  3. There's a word which just seem to suit you to a T! Your enthusiasm is tangible and bubbling up in every line :).

  4. Great word! I can feel your energy from here..

  5. Just the perfect word for you! I signed up for the OLW class last year and like, Fit, it was an epic fail. It turns out I don't have much interest in dealing creatively with the word itself so none of the activities inspired me. I'm better off to keep my intentions in front of me, and spend my time on the creative projects I've decided on for the year.

  6. It sounds like a fantastic word for you Melissa! And I know you'll rock it!


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