Friday, January 6, 2017

Quotes on Signs

As I'm processing photos from the past few months, I've noticed that I always seem to be drawn to quotes on signs (maybe it's just another form of reading). Last fall I spotted lots of great signs at the Frisco Mercantile, all different from the ones I captured there the year before. The first one is my favorite in this bunch!

Back in September I mentioned that I'd once again met up with Cheri, and these photos were all snapped during our get-together. This was actually the sixth time Cheri and I have met up since our original in-person meeting in 2012. We've scrapbooked together, toured Southfork Ranch here in Texas and Valley Forge in Pennsylvania, enjoyed some fantastic meals, caught a movie, and visited each other's homes. We haven't missed a year, even getting together twice one year, so I'm looking forward to seeing her again sometime this year - we don't know when or where, but I'm sure we'll make it happen!

What types of things do you do when you meet up with a long-distance friend?


  1. I've really enjoyed your signs - they always catch my eye when I am out and about too. I like the complaints one: I think I'll make one for the kitchen! Lovely to see you and Cheri together; it was so nice to meet her last summer in London. Once a year, a number of us bloggers all get together for a scrapping weekend and talk about everything under the sun! The times I've got to meet Sian, we've chatted happily and companionably about families and life in her kitchen with a delicious coffee :).

  2. lol! You are like me: you'll read anything!

    Meeting blogging friends ? See answer above :)

  3. Love the signs, some funny, others meaningful! I've shared a meal with Cheri and visited the Philadelphia Flower Show with her, had lunch with you & Robbie, breakfast with Rinda, and tea and homemade scones with Alexandra. It's always a special event to meet up with a blogging friend, and I hope to see all of you again!

  4. I love all those signs! But have to admit the first is still my favorite.


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