Friday, February 3, 2017

February Birthdays

We celebrate several family birthdays at the beginning of February. This year, our twin nieces turned twelve (yes, twelve!!). It's been a while since I've created doily dresses, but birthday cards for these beautiful girls required something special!

I sent those off with packages containing two books each (we're not the only readers in this family).

We were able to Facetime while they opened the gifts, and I think they were very pleased.

Also, this month, Daddy turned 70!! I used that ruler stamp on his card.

Robbie and I went out to  my parent's house last Saturday to celebrate Daddy's birthday. Along with the card, we arrived with a gift, a chocolate cake, and a casserole dish of Praline Sweet Potatoes. Mama cooked a delicious meal, then we all went to a gospel singing at their church. It was a great day!

Do you have any birthdays to celebrate this month?


  1. Your are very clever with your doilies - no wonder your cards are greeted with smiling faces. Happy birthday to all concerned! We have one February birthday this month - mine :).

  2. Love those doily dresses--such cute cards for two very cute girls! It's so nice that you live close enough to celebrate with your dad!

  3. Your cards are adorable! Yes, we have several birthdays to celebrate this month too. For my family, most birthdays fall in January and February. When we were little, it meant that we got lots of cake!!

  4. Happy Birthday to everyone! Those happy faces show what a great gift giver you are. We do have a birthday in February. Our boy will turn the same age we were when we got married. Scary thought.


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