Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday's Mail Memo - Advertisements, Amazon Prime & Doily Cards

There wasn't much exciting in the mail around here last week, although I did save these two advertisements (a Cabela's catalogue and a cruise line brochure) as they have potential for the vision board activity Ali is planning in the One Little Word class next month.

It was a quiet weekend around here as Robbie has been down with a particularly virulent case of the flu! In between checking his temperature, making sure he was getting enough liquids, and providing regular doses of fever reducing medications, I took care of little things that had been piling up in my to-do basket. Several of those items were checked off by taking full advantage of Amazon Prime's free shipping, with all the items I ordered guaranteed to be delivered today or tomorrow.

So far today, I've received two boxes of trading card page protectors (a sick boy should be able to look forward to putting cards in pages, right), a refill and spray bottle of disinfectant Windex (because I have not been able to find a refill locally), and a new blouse (which will hopefully match a few other items that I'm expecting to create a nice outfit for future speaking/teaching engagements). I do truly like free shipping and the convenience of online shopping!

In other news, this week I'll be teaching at the Allen Public Library's DIY class. I had so much FUN creating sample cards and gift tags in preparation!

Here's the class information for those of you who are local and want to join me: DIY @ APL - Create Your Own Greeting Cards, Wednesday, February 15, 2017. (10am) Create greeting cards and gift tags (& doily dresses!) for a variety of occasions using fun paper crafting supplies, including doilies, ribbon, twine, stamps and inks. All supplies will be provided. Free, no registration. Ages 16+ 

Waving to all the Mondayers joining in with Sian this year as we share memos and a favorite pieces of mail from the previous week. 


  1. I've no doubt that your card class will be a big success :)

    I hope Robbie is soon feeling better. That's a great thought - organising trading cards is the perfect activity for a recovering patient. Amazon Prime saved my bacon this week with a quick delivery of a gift to give on Valentines Day.

    Wishing you a great week ahead

  2. Sending healing energy for Robbie's quick recovery. Your doily dress cards are all quite cheerful & I am sure the class will be a success with several requests for more. Happy week ahead. Oh yes, thanks for the book recommendation, I was able to sign out, Sleepwalkers.

  3. Hope Robbie is feeling better soon!
    I avoided Amazon Prime for a long time - just on the principle of not paying up front just to get free shipping. I would always just keep the basket going until I had enough in it to earn free shipping and then wait a week for it to show up. But I finally caved last year and OMG ... LOVE Prime! Love that I can order a $5 item, get it shipped free, and have it two days later. Of course, it means more temptation to hit the "buy" button... but I'm managing. :)

  4. Wow, you got a lot of good stuff in the mail this week! I'm "accidentally" on Amazon Prime for one month. I'm not sure I want to spend the money! I usually don't mind waiting 5 days for free shipping. We'll see...

    Love your cards!

  5. poor Robbie, I hope he's feeling a bit better now x

  6. So sorry to hear Robbie's down and out with the flu. It's supposed to be just awful; hope he recovers quickly. He's lucky to have you as a nurse! Looks like a pretty good mail week to me! Sarah and I share a Prime account, and I really love it.


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