Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday's Mail Memo - Books & Bloopers

I have to laugh thinking back to my post a few weeks ago when I stated that "really, we don't need any more [books] for awhile!!" Because, seriously, we can always stand a few more books, right?

On Tuesday last week, my copy of She Means Business arrived. Since I'd pre-ordered the book on Amazon a couple of months ago, it arrived on the publication date. That same day, I received the new Coldwater Creek catalog. These two pieces of mail looked good together, don't you think.

On Wednesday, the new (free-for-an-honest-review) book from B&H Publishers arrived, along with a huge Uline catalog (which I set aside to thumb through for this month's One Little Word vision board assignment).

Then on Thursday, another book and a magazine arrived! The book is from my sister for our March book swap, so I'll be sharing more about it in a few weeks. I quickly looked through our local magazine and added it to the vision board materials pile.

To top it off, on Friday we received a couple of boxes (which I didn't snap a photo of), one containing a few new tops I'd noticed in that Coldwater Creek catalog and the other containing new shoes for Robbie. All-in-all, it was a good mail week around here!

In other news, I set up my video equipment last week and created a promotional video for an event in April. I'll be teaching a mini-retreat at a church here in Texas, and they requested a video that could be shown on Sunday morning to encourage women to sign up for the event. I'll admit it took me most of the day to create a 1 1/2 minute video! Here's a peek at my set-up.

And just for FUN - here's a short look at the bloopers - Enjoy! [If you're reading this in email, do pop over to the blog & check it out!]

Waving to all the Mondayers joining in with Sian this year as we share memos and mail on Monday!


  1. This definitely got me smiling! And it made me feel a whole lot better about the length of time it took me to record the audio for my Get It Scrapped contribution this month.

  2. Love the bloopers, it was the perfect ray of sunshine to start my day.

  3. Thanks for sharing your bloopers, although they weren't bad at all. I bet the finished product was just perfect. Happy week ahead.

  4. That was a fun post! I'm very impressed with your video lights and set-up! The bloopers were fun, but I know you ended up with a polished piece.


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