Thursday, February 9, 2017

One Litte Word - February

As I began work on the February prompts in the One Little Word class, I took a look back at January and am pleased with the start to my ACTIVE year. Here's a recap of the month based on the intention areas I chose last month.

Be Physically ACTIVE
*Exercised at least 30 minutes 24 days!

Be Spiritually ACTIVE
*Enjoyed Quiet Time and devotional reading 23 days.
*Completed 5 illustrated Bible journal pages.
*Attended Sunday morning worship twice.

Healthy Living ACTIVITY
*Cooked more at home, less eating out & delivery.
*Lots of relaxing evenings at home.

ACTIVE Learning
*Completed class materials in the One Little Word class.
*Read and listened to weekly materials, interacted in Facebook group, and participated in the live Q&A sessions for the Chosen Journey.
*Listened to two episodes of the Live Inspired podcast (especially enjoyed Episode 50 with Stacy Julian).
*Read 10 books and attended the library book club discussion.

*Completed 2016 Gratitude Journal.
*Created 5 layouts and 5 cards.
*Created 4 additional cards for the Christmas Card Throwdown Challenge 02.
*Processed digital photos from several months of 2016.
*Published 24 blog posts.
*Participated weekly in Monday's Mail Memo and What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and the monthly 5 in 5 Photography Meme.
*Had a guest post published on the blog.

Home Improvement ACTIVITY
*Had new Satellite TV receiver installed with Internet access.
*Had gas fireplace cleaned/refurbished.
*Purchased new chair & mat for worktable in craft room.

ACTIVE Relationships 
*Two meet-ups with friends.
*Day out celebrating Daddy's 70th birthday.
*Daily texts & Facetime chats with Brenda.
*Saturday movie out with Robbie.

 *Planned Spring Break trip to New Orleans with Robbie's brother & family.

50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 ACTIVITY
*Read 1 Fiction Pulitzer Prize winner.
*Researched cooking classes in New Orleans.
*Watched 14 movies from our collection.

I'm also being ACTIVE by using my stash, so all the items in my One Little Word notebook are things I had on hand. The February focus is Practice, finding one single thing to practice and track each day in February.

Honestly, I'm already tracking quite a bit in my calendar (daily devotional reading, writing in a prayer journal, exercise, water intake) as well as tracking all my eating in the My Fitness Pal app, so I decided to pick something that would supplement my goals and not be too much more right now. I chose to add 200 crunches to my daily exercise.

I'm using the tracking card and reflections card (which I'll fill out at the end of the month) from the OLW digital components in my OLW notebook. I created my title card with white cardstock and washi tapes.

I'm stamping a heart for each day that I complete the crunches. As you can see, I'm doing pretty well so far this month.

I also printed the monthly Actions and Reflections cards onto colored cardstock and completed the January cards.

I cut down two 9-pocket page protectors to use for these monthly cards.

I filled in the February Actions card with some of the things I'll be working on this month.

All-in-all, I'd say it's been a pretty ACTIVE year so far! I like how tracking these items keeps me focused on staying ACTIVE and am considering using that tracking card each month to add a little something extra. How do you track progress on your goals each month?


  1. have been very busy! I like how you are including more than just physical activity in your "active" challenge. Best of luck with February!

  2. Seeing your documentation makes me miss the One Little Word class. I still haven't made the time to do my initial set up for my word - hasn't stopped it from being active in my life, but I'm missing it!

  3. No wonder you're pleased with your progress---what an ACTIVE month you had. I get tired just reading about it.

  4. Holy smokes! You certainly accomplished a lot this month. I should keep track of what I actually accomplish each month. That in itself would be an accomplishment!


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