Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #5

This is my 5th time to link up with Julia at Stamping Ground for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday; however, it's actually the 400th time Julia has hosted this FUN weekly meme! Congrats, Julia, on such a successful and long-running blog event!! I'm enjoying being an ACTIVE participant this year.

This week I've moved my laptop and calendar to the craft table as we begin a new month. I enjoy planning and taking time to get organized, and having everything on the bigger table (rather than the smaller yellow one) just makes it more FUN. I've prepped this week's calendar with some cute washi tape and plans for the week. At the end of each month, I upload all the photos from our phones and cameras as part of my digital workflow, so you can see my phone plugged in to the laptop.

The legal pad on the left side of the desk holds some notes from a brainstorming session with a friend yesterday. I need to transfer a few things to my calendar before discarding that page. The book in the middle of the table is the latest Fiction Pulitzer Prize Winner I've competed, with my notes on top to be entered into a draft blog post for later this month. That little envelope and slip of paper to the right of the laptop is my February blog post topic from my sister Brenda.

I should have all these items processed later today, then I'll pull out my One Little Word notebook and check out the February materials in the OLW workshop.

 What's on your workdesk this week?


  1. Hi Melissa, great to see you on this special day. Lovely tidy desk and workroom too. Hope my place isn't too much of a shock for you, I do try honestly. Have a great woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x 23

  2. oh my Melissa you are far toooooo organised for me. I am more of a just in time person. Maybe thats what I am doing wrong :D Tracy #31

  3. happy 400th... you are one organised lady!! Helen #1

  4. That's looking very neat indeed - a close encounter with a planner always feels such a good way to start a month.

  5. Hi Melissa. happy 400th. Goodness me - how incredibly organised and self disciplined! I take my hat off to you! I trust you managed to get everything done which you set out to achieve.
    Thanks for your visit.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  6. Week after week, you show us an organized and interesting desk! I'm so impressed!

  7. I love reading about your organisation even if I can't achieve it myself lol

    My work desk is my lap today as I work on joining the body and sleeves of my latest jumper together.

  8. The book looks like The Goldfinch, which I read last month. I will await your thoughts! You are very organized! Happy 400th, and thanks for sharing! Lindart #47

  9. Such a lovely big space in which to work.

  10. Good morning, Melissa
    Okay.. you know those ahh haaa moments? You just gave me one. Why have I never thought to make a monthly routine of cataloging the photos from the phone? Hmmm. You are one smart lady. And I thought I was organized. LOL Sundays are my quiet time/ planning days to get out my planner and update stuff. Thank you for the links. I enjoy physically seeing what others are participating in yet many don't link us up. You are so organized! Looking forward to seeing your post for #401. Creative Blessings! Kelly #48


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