Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 5 in 5

Sunday (the 5th), we headed out to find the location of a trading card show Robbie had heard about. It was actually a fundraiser held at a Jewish temple, in the fellowship hall area. As we headed down the hall to the show area, I was drawn to the beautiful artwork on display and chose five items to share for this month's 5 in 5 photography challenge (hosted by Sandi at itchifingers).

Such lovely artwork to discover unexpectedly on a rainy Sunday morning!


  1. I love unexpected surprises! These are wonderful works of art no wonder you were pleased to see them
    thank you for joining in this month, this is a great 5in5.

  2. Beautiful! I am almost finished with a wonderful book called "Visual Intelligence," The author trains wide varieties of people how to accurately and carefully make observations by using art work. I'd love to be able to spend some time with each of these.

  3. WOW - fantastic art. Such vibrant use of colour & detail. A great find.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity you have given us here, to share in something we would never otherwise have seen.

  5. These look very interesting and are worthy of a longer deliberation. Interestingly I visited the Jewish museum in Prague and found it fascinating.


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