Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter Y'all

I created these blocks & cute tags last month at a class at our local scrapbook store. This year I am being ACTIVE about taking classes and trying new things. In this class, I used a text stamp on kraft paper, then tore the paper into pieces that I decoupaged onto wooden blocks. This process took a good bit of time, and I had to leave the blocks at the store to dry overnight. (The largest block was pre-stained to match the others.)

All the bits & pieces for the tags were pre-cut, so they went together quickly . . . although I reversed the papers as the sample had lots more solid colors. The letters were then covered with glitter glue, which also took a while to dry.

The tags are hanging on tacks, so they can easily be removed and replaced for different seasons and holidays. Classes are offered with new tags each month, however my plan is to create my own as INSPIRATION strikes!



  1. Happy Easter to you and Robbie as well! Cute project!

  2. Sending warmest good wishes for a Happy and meaningful Easter to you both. And these blocks are very swwwt - what a great idea to be able to change them up as and when ...

  3. Happy Easter to both of you too. I hope yesterday was a lovely day


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