Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday's Mail Memo - Catching Up

Wow, a  month has flown by since my last Monday Mail Memo post! How about a little catch up today!

First, there's been an abundance of happy mail. (1) Two DO-ER t-shirts. (2) A sweet note & gift, which I'll share more about later, from a new friend. Kelley is a registered dietician offering in-person and online services . . . and we are currently collaborating on an exciting new event that will be launching later this week! (3) A sweet card from my friend Darlene. (4) Some gelli plates and combs that Susie (owner of Scrappin' Goodtime) sent so I could prepare for last week's classes. (5) A couple of boxes of labels (also for last week's classes) and a new book, all from Amazon. (6) A hand-delivered box of chocolates from Lithuania, brought over by employees for the symposium put on by the company where Robbie is CFO/COO.

Another t-shirt also came in the mail - I won this one as part of a giveaway in the My Embraced Life Facebook group. It was so beautifully packaged!

Next, I've enjoyed teaching quite a few classes, sometimes wearing my new DO-ER shirt!

When I first met Jana Kennedy-Spicer (of Sweet To The Soul) and saw her Bible pages filled with creative lettering and doodles, I knew I wanted to collaborate on some illustrated Bible journaling classes. We taught two workshops at Personal Scrapbook earlier this month. It was so much FUN to co-teach and to see the enthusiasm for the Creative Lettering and Bible Journaling techniques we shared along with devotionals on mentoring and hospitality.

Last week, I spent three days at Scrappin' Goodtime in Corsicana and taught two workshops incorporating devotionals and a variety of painting techniques. It's such a joy to spend time in the Word with creative women!

And finally, there have been a couple of great family outings. I arranged a horseback ride for Mama's Mother's Day gift. It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast! This was the first time Mama's ever ridden a horse!

This past weekend we headed down to Southeast Texas to see my twin nieces in their dance recital. Paige was so lovely in her ballet, lyrical and tap dances, and Laurie was amazing in the clogging number! We were also able to spend time with my sister, brother-in-law, and Pun'kin (niece) and take my Daddy (who was also there to see the dance recital) out to eat for Father's Day. It was a really nice trip!

It's been a busy but FUN and ACTIVE time around here. Watch this space over the next few days for exciting news on what I'll be doing in the next few months!!

What's been going on around your place?


  1. For someone who doesn't have a 9-5 job, you sure are a busy lady! I've been busy with work, home, family, the Shops, more work,... and not nearly enough time being creative!

  2. Lots of FUN events and FUN mail for you!!! I know you enjoy it all.

  3. You are a busy active woman - yes fun is a good description. I like your t-shirts. I think all those women at your workshops would certainly give you lots of praise for the energy & creativity you bring to these workshops. I shall be checking in to see what new & active things you are up to ...

  4. There are so many happy smiling faces in these photos, and your writing is full of such zest for life, that it's quite uplifting :).


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