Sunday, July 16, 2017

One Little Word - April & May

When I chose ACTIVE as my word for 2017, my desire was to take a look at a variety of areas of my life and make improvements and changes to create a better balance overall. I wanted to invite more ACTIVITY into my weekly routine and to be ACTIVELY involved in things that add value and joy to my everyday life. While I'm not sure that I've necessarily put in the work to engage with my word, I have definitely been ACTIVE this year!

This weekend, I'm catching up with the prompts in the One Little Word 2017 class. The April prompt suggested putting sticky notes with questions (about my word) around the house where I'd see them throughout the month. I didn't actually do this, but I did write some questions & my reflections a couple of months ago. I created three cards that I slipped into the back of the page protector I used for the February prompt.

For May, Ali encouraged us to choose photos depicting how our word was working in our lives. Since one of my ACTIVE goals is to be intentional about investing time in relationships that add value and joy to my life, I chose photos from January through May that represent this goal in action. I printed nine photos so that I could add them to the back of the page protector I used in January. I added a label sticker, a handwritten description, and a puffy heart sticker to each photo.

I'm excited to have made some progress on these prompts and hope to complete the June reflections and July creative prompt shortly!

Have you been ACTIVELY engaging with your word this year? What photos would you use to show your word in action?


  1. You certainly have been very active in aspects of your life. I like your sticker under the photo of you & Robbie - the bestest everything.
    I did not pick a word this year & while I really like Ali's class & idea, I am ok with not having a word ... although maybe next year active would be a good for me.

  2. You always seem to embody the word you choose for the year. Like Mary-Lou, I love the "Bestest" sticker. "Joy" has been a good word for me this year. It's played out over and over again in very subtle but meaningful ways.

  3. I'm always touched by the seriousness with which you take your word, and how you strive to make it real in so many areas of your life - you have a very ACTIVE relationship with it :). (And that's a lovely clutch of photos - look at all those smiles!),


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