Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Introduction to Coloring Class

Earlier this year, I took an Introduction to Coloring Class taught by Peggy Jo Ackley of Pink Ink Stamp Company. I immediately knew Peggy was going to be a great teacher when I showed up at Scrappin' Goodtime and everything was ready for the class to begin. And, of course, I really liked how those colored pencils looked all divided up by color!

In this class, Peggy shared a step-by-step process for layering techniques with colored pencils. We began by adding the lightest colors, then layering additional colors to add depth and shadows. I especially like how she had examples of each step in the process for us to follow.

For each stamped image we colored, there were materials to create greeting cards.

I didn't finish my cards during the class, but after I returned home I put them together.

I enjoyed the class and really like the way the cards turned out. Since then, I've used this layering technique with many of my coloring projects!


  1. Looks like a great class. I especially like the layering of different colors you did with the flowers on the last card. Beautiful cards!

  2. Now that does sound like a fun class. Your cards have turned out lovely, I think my favourite is the blue chair.

  3. I can actually almost see how the technique works from the photos - too bad I never think of that when I'm actually coloring!

  4. I need to try coloring. I just don't think about it. Your cards are lovely!


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