Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday's Mail Memo - FUN Mail

There's been quite a bit of happy mail around here lately! I received this FUN handmade thank you card in the mail from one of my email subscribers. Of course, I love all the washi tape on the card and envelope!

The same day, Robbie came home from work with a lovely handmade card & envelope (and gift card!) that he received for boss's day.

We ordered and received new rain jackets - looking forward to wearing these on our upcoming trip (although I do hope it doesn't rain every day!).

Robbie ordered eight new three-ring binders . . . and they arrived in FOUR boxes! I'm certainly glad the shipping was free on this order!

And, finally, I received a special delivery this weekend for Sweetest Day - chocolate and strawberries - oh so sweet!

What FUN mail have you received lately?


  1. Well, nothing to compare with your mail, that's for sure! I did get a package with the latest Papertrey Ink Make It Market kit the day we left for Chicago. I only had time to unpack it. I left it home because I already had a tote packed with projects. I'm looking forward to playing with it when I back.

  2. I love your new rain jackets. They look fashionable while being practicle. 4 big boxes for your binders is ridiculous! What a waste. They must have come from different distribution centers.


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