Thursday, October 5, 2017

October 5 in 5 - It's Fall Y'all

Here in Texas, fall is often referred to as second summer. The weather's really not all that much different - the sun's still shining most days, the temperatures are in the 80s and 90s, grass is still green, and most of the trees are holding tight to their leaves.

All except one of the trees in our front yard. I'm not sure exactly what kind of tree it is, but there are several in the neighborhood, and they are always the first to lose their leaves! 

These leaves don't even have the decency to provide beautiful colors before turning brown seemingly overnight.

They just drop from the tree and collect in little piles throughout the yard, around the porch, and ...

... along the sidewalk.

I snapped these photos this morning in order to capture this "fall activity" before the lawn service arrives later today. The leaves will be blown out of the beds and off the sidewalk and mulched into the grass, erasing all signs that fall has arrived.

Joining in with this month's 5 in 5 photography meme hosted by Sandi. What have you taken 5 minutes to snap photos of lately?


  1. What a lovely idea for your photos Melissa.
    It's a lovely time of year, seeing all the different colours of the leaves, though it seems your tree is a little reserved in this area! Thank you for taking part this month. I enjoyed hearing about your leaves.

  2. We currently have a ton of leaves like that around our house, and we don't actually have any trees of our own! Are you responsible for sweeping them up?

    1. We're responsible for keeping our yard up, but we don't have to get the leaves out of other yards.

  3. A lovely five set. They look a little like Oak Tree leaves.

  4. Not many leaves in our yard either, which is surprising given the date! The trees have turned color in the Berkshires and our drive to Boston yesterday was very colorful!


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