Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bible Journaling Word Challenge

I've shared several times (most notably here and here) about the various places I find INSPIRATION for Bible journaling. Last year I joined in a few times with Marissa's Word A Day Challenge. (I shared my page based on the word image in a post here.)

I think this is a FUN way to test my Biblical knowledge and to study the scriptures. I enjoy finding scriptures that relate to the word for the day, then reading and illustrating those verses. Here's a look at three of my pages.

bloom - This word just begged for a flower (or lots of flowers), which perfectly illustrated Psalm 72:7.

revelation - I flipped through the book of Revelation and decided to trace the scroll from the Favorites One & Dones to illustrate Revelation 5:1-10.

Abraham - There are so many lessons we can learn from Abraham. I chose to create a reminder about his righteousness from Genesis 15:6.

What word would you use to challenge yourself (or someone else) to research and illustrate in the Word?

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