Friday, January 5, 2018

Five on Friday

On this first Friday of the new year, I'm contemplating sharing five FRESH random photos (or thoughts or interesting tidbits) from the week as a regular feature here on my blog. Let's see how it goes.

1. We began 2018 with a meal of pork, cabbage, black-eyed peas, and cornbread, so tradition says we should have plenty of good luck and good fortune in the year ahead.

2. I'm using the Get To Work Book as my calendar/planner once again this year. It contains 12 motivational text prints on heavy stock that are perforated to be removed from the book. I took out the January print, added some washi tape and my goals for the month, and adhered it right below the reading lamp over my nightstand. This way I'll be reminded of my FRESH goals every day!

3. This little surprise showed up in the mail a couple of days ago! I mailed this out before my great-nephew's birthday on December 11. The Post Office thought his house was vacant after Hurricane Harvey, so they returned it to us . . . four weeks later! (It's on its way again as I've been assured by my nephew they are now receiving mail.)

4. I am thoroughly enjoying the slow pace of reading one chapter a day in the New Testament (with this Facebook group). I have a brand new journaling Bible that I'm using to record my FRESH insights and prayers each day.

5. Along with the current weather at home, when we're preparing for an upcoming trip, I like to track the weather on my phone app.

How did you start the new year? Do you have your goals for this month visible? Anything interesting show up in your mailbox this week? Where are you reading in the Bible this year? What interesting places are on your weather app?


  1. A couple of things we have in common ...
    I also have the Get to Work book (it was a spur of the moment purchase, because it's faintly ridiculous to buy a planner from the US when the UK has plenty of great planners!) That said, I love it so much, I'm considering giving it its own blog post!
    I also track the weather around the world on my phone. I've booked my solo trip for early March and am looking at the weather mentally planning my wardrobe!

    Paris and Monaco are lovely. Paris has a great Metro system and Monaco an excellent bus service (such as along the coast to Nice and inland to St Paul de Vence.) You'll have a blast!

  2. I think your year is certainly starting with good fortune; a marvelous trip, good weather & a new daytimer. I occasionally look at weather of where my extended family live. My 2018 planner is a really small & basic one but it's pink so I'm happy with it (so far).

  3. Paris and Monaco - sounds wonderful! Your passport is certainly getting some exercise! I'm using an Erin Condren planner this year. I keep hearing good things about the Get to Work Book... may need to check it out for the future.

  4. I like your idea of 5 on Friday. I might do that every other week in conjunction with my Friday Funnies! I like your first post and the randomness of the photos.

  5. I also track the weather in places we will be visiting and also where my family live around the UK. I have not set myself any goals or resolutions this year - just intend to take life as I find it and try to make happy memories and enjoy the company of loved ones. I use a small diary and a wall calendar to organise myself plus a notebook on the worktop where I write down all the daily chores to be done and cross them off as I do them.


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