Thursday, January 4, 2018

Last Minute Christmas Cards

When I created my first 2017 Christmas cards last January (yes, January!), I planned to complete a few each month throughout the year in order to have all I needed when December arrived. However, after participating in the Christmas Card Throwdown three times and creating cards for my Christmas in July Card Class, I dropped the ball.

So, I ended up making quite a few cards "at the last minute" - right before I added a handwritten note, addressed them and sent them out. I snapped photos of some of them along the way.


While I'm working on putting away the final Christmas decorations this week, here are two other creations from December. First, I created another folded Christmas tree at the library DIY class.

And finally, I re-created our Christmas wreath by removing all the embellishments (that had been on there for many years) and redecorating it with bows & flowers from my crafting stash.

This year, once again, I'm planning to start early, and (hopefully) create a few Christmas cards each month. I'm looking forward to seeing what the first Christmas Card Throwdown Challenge will be on January 6. 

Do you make Christmas cards throughout the year? Or create them all in one sitting close to the holidays?


  1. Your cards are lovely & having been on the receiving end of one, I really appreciate the effort you put into creating. I am also already thinking about 2018 Christmas cards, but first I need to make a few birthday cards (col).

  2. You may have dropped the ball with your card making, but you still managed to produce quite a few!

  3. Like Mary-Lou I'm a grateful recipient of one of your lovely cards. Mine all get made somewhere between the end of October and the middle of December. I rarely think about them before late fall.

  4. I can vouch for the loveliness of your cards! I'm super impressed that you even think about next year's cards this early in the New Year. I'm just beginning to think about recycling them!


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