Thursday, January 18, 2018

Three Wall Groupings

Do you have things hanging on your walls that you never really notice anymore? These may be things that you truly like or that have special meaning, but over time have simply begun to gather dust and go unnoticed.

As I began to clean out, organize, and give our office a FRESH look this week, I realized that it had been a while since I'd enjoyed or paid much attention to the items hanging in there. So, I took a long look at the things hanging on the walls . . . and the piles of thing that had been taken down from that room and others . . . and ended up creating three wall groupings that already give the room a FRESH feel.

Over the desk, I grouped items that have significance for the two of us.This group began with the clock (a gift from my sister years ago) and the shelf below holding items that are meaningful to us. I included our first (and only) professional portrait, a framed Marriage Blessing given to us by my parents as a wedding gift, a framed scripture given to us by my friend Rita when we moved into this home, a banner we received at the Marriage Encounter weekend we attended our first year of marriage, and a beautiful framed photo we received from friends who stayed with us for a week while they were in between homes many years ago.

The second grouping hangs over the file cabinets. Most of these items have been hanging here for years, but I tightened up the grouping (after giving everything a good dusting). My high school diploma and cum laude certificate and my two diplomas reside here with photos from each graduation, my tassels, Beta Gamma Sigma stole, and a handmade (by my sister Brenda) sign that reads, "The tassel is worth the hassle."

There's a short angled wall right inside the door that now holds a few items that are special to me. The gorgeous painting, the framed sky photo/scripture, and the plaque all represent my time volunteering, coordinating the annual fundraising banquet, and serving on the Board of Directors for the Christ For India missionary organization. The "No Greater Love" framed print was a gift from the ladies who allowed me to teach/lead my very first women's Bible study back in 2004. And the small cross piece was a gift from a student my last day of teaching at Stephen F. Austin State University. This grouping will probably be adjusted and/or added to as I'm sure there are a few more similar items in the boxes and piles that have accumulated in this room!

Joining in this week with Mary-Lou's Take Three Thursday - an effort to notice more of the ordinary in our lives. The idea is to take photos that are linked some how; by theme, by color, by date, by moment, by points of view. What have you noticed this week?

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  1. Melissa thanks for joining in. I have added your link to my post.

    All three of these groups are really nice remembrances from happy times & places. Oh I'm sure that they are more to add and or change up. Cute "tassle worth the hassle". I must remember that while I'm deep in study!


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!