Friday, February 2, 2018

Five on Friday

A weekly feature here on my blog sharing five FRESH random photos (or thoughts or interesting tidbits) from the week.

1. Robbie arrived home safely last Friday, which was a wonderful gift in itself . . . but he also brought a few little goodies from Monaco for me!

2. We spent the weekend relaxing and watching all three Lord of the Rings movies - the extended versions, totaling almost 11 hours! It's been a while since we've had a "movie marathon" and we both thoroughly enjoyed it!

3. The first month of the year is gone, and we're still striving to get out and walk regularly, enjoying the FRESH (although somewhat cold) air and sunshine. However, we're not doing as well as we did those first two weeks of the year. Why is it so hard to stay on track!?!

4. These two beauties are now teenagers! I can't wait to share with you what I sent in those boxes - I had so much FUN putting them together.

5. For the past few months (or a year), we've been having trouble with our home network. As Microsoft continues to update its software, some of our older equipment is not able to keep up. I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon looking at new technology and arrived home with a new printer (already set up and running) and a new laptop (which I'll tackle tomorrow). I had forgotten how many things need to be considered when choosing a new computer - the memory and the hard drive space and the processor speed and now there's even decisions about the screen size and if it's a touch screen and whether a computer pen can be used with it! Goodness, I just got one with it all! Now, I need to get it all set up and figure out how to make the best use of all the fancy bits & pieces!

Have you watched the Lord of the Rings movies? Do you have "movie marathons" at your house? Did you set any exercise goals this year? Are you keeping up with them? When was the last time you purchased new technology? Was it an easy decision?


  1. We love the Lord of the Rings trilogy and have watched them quite a few times! We do love a bit of a movie marathon. Our last one was all the Harry Potter films over 3 weekends! I recently bought a new wireless printer as our home printer does not print good photos. Now I have a lovely A4 Canon printer in my craft room to compliment my Canon Selphy. I was very proud of myself that I set it all up in about 15 minutes! Love the look of those macaroons- you lucky thing!

  2. I purchased a new printer (one that auto-duplexes and has scan/fax capabilities). Bought it in November. Finally set it up in January. Still haven't figured out how to make the scanner work! Had to have a remote session with IT just to install the dang thing as an option on my work laptop (can't do anything to that device without an "admin" password!). One change in tech seems to affect all the rest!

  3. I think the Lord of The Rings movies are quite well done; Peter Jackson did well by the books. We often will watch all 3 of the extended versions over the weekend. I think it's the only book to movie series that I would. I really like the Harry Potter books, the first 3-4 movies are ok but from 6 on David Yateman ruined them (in my opinion). Harry would never allow Snape to "shhh" him while Dumbledore was under threat & you don't simply snap the Elder Wane in half & throw it away!

    The last week has seen me bed ridden with what I can describe as feeling like the plague. I type this out on our newest computer purchased 10 months ago, which already needs updates!

  4. You got quite a few surprises from Monaco. The shirt is really nice. I can't wait to see what you put in those gift boxes. I have a granddaughter turning 13 this year, so I need ideas!


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