Friday, March 30, 2018

Five on Friday

A (sometimes) weekly feature here on my blog sharing five FRESH random photos (or thoughts or interesting tidbits) from the week.

The past two weeks have had lots of ups and downs, good stuff and not-so-good stuff!

1. I enjoyed another successful private class at a client's home! She had set up a FUN photo booth for St. Patrick's Day, too.

2. My Mama was in the hospital for a week. I was able to rearrange some plans and make several trips out to visit. She is home and doing much better now!

3. I shared a one-hour Intro to Bible Journaling at a local church last weekend. I didn't get an exact count, but there were somewhere between 70 and 80 ladies of all ages in attendance! It was a wonderful evening that also included a meal, a speaker, and lots of fellowship.

4. I had some moles removed earlier this week, which is something I've been wanting to do for a while. However, they are really (really!) itching now as they heal! [On the FUNny side, I guess the doctor's office ran out of light colored spot Band-Aids, so I got a dark spot - actually two because there's one on my back also!]

5. I created a free printable for my newsletter list with items that can be used on a Bible journaling page or a greeting card or as a bookmark. [Feel free to email me if you'd like a copy.] I'll be sharing the Bible journaling page I created on Sunday.

What ups and downs have you experienced lately?


  1. Glad to hear your mom is doing better! The ICU can be a very scary place for family members (and the patient!)

  2. I always enjoy your 5 on Friday posts. This week, I'm glad to hear that your mom is doing well and you had this pesky moles removed!!

  3. Wonderful news that your Mom is doing better - certainly a scary time. I did chuckle at your Poke a dot Melissa photo - although I do understand the seriousness of the procedure ...

  4. Great news to hear that your mum is doing better and home again. I hope that your itchiness has settled down and that the plasters have come off.


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