Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday Musings - Measuring Our Worth

Have you ever tried to measure the length of a room with a yard stick? Or a cloth sewing tape measure? If so, you know that using the right tool (in this case a  steel/metal tape measure) makes the job a whole lot easier and decreases the chance of errors.

Yet, when we begin to measure our own worth or the worth of others, we often use the wrong "tool."  We may feel good about ourselves when the house is spotless and the dishes all washed and less of ourselves when a bill is overdue or our fingernail polish is chipped. We may think highly of someone who drives a nice car and lives in a big house or think less of someone who has multiple body piercings or hangs out in seedy bars. However, our worth is not determined by any of these "measure sticks"; rather our worth is in Christ!

When we read the story of the woman at the well in John chapter four, many of us take a limited amount of information about this woman (she had five husbands & was currently with a man who was not her husband) and judge her worth based on our assumptions about her. Yet, Jesus specifically and intentionally went through Samaria for this "chance" encounter at the well because she was worthy to Him. He knew her, He saw her, and He loved her just as she was!

Just like the woman at the well, the Lord knows us, He sees us, and He loves us just as we are! When we're tempted to judge ourselves or others based on outward appearances or material possessions or external behaviors, let's take a step back and remember to use the measuring stick of God's love!

[If you've jumped to conclusions about the worth of the woman at the well, I challenge you to read Diana Wallis Taylor's book, Journey to the Well, which shares a fictionalized (and much more sympathetic) account of this woman's background based on life in Biblical times. I first read this book several years ago and recently re-read it as I prepared to teach a Bible journaling class based on this story. You can read my review of the book HERE.]

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