Thursday, July 5, 2018

February Scrapped

Along with the divided page protector of bits & pieces, I created three layouts with photos from February of this year.

After numerous Microsoft updates that continued to slow down my old laptop and the fact that there were no updated drivers for our last printer, I purchased a new printer and a laptop (that I am thoroughly enjoying!). As technology changes so quickly, I decided to include a photo of the new laptop as well as the features and pricing on a layout. I think it will be FUN to look back several years from now and see what has changed!

I needed two pages to record the story of the Adventure Book Boxes I sent for my twin nieces' 13th birthday. The first page showcases the photos my sister took while they were opening the gifts.

The second page has journaling, photos of the gift items, a list of the items that were in each box, and the cards the girls sent after reading the books. (The last "gift" in each box was a card and envelope so they could each write and let us know what they most enjoyed about the gift.)

I slit the page protector so the front of the cards are outside the page protector and can be opened to read the sweet notes the girls wrote.

The final layout showcases photos from the February Bible Journaling Workshops I hosted here at our home. During those classes, we used doilies to add illustrations in our Bibles about the love scriptures we discussed, so I used a couple of layered doilies as embellishments on this page.

I've purged, edited and printed some photos from March and am hoping to get those scrapped over the next week. How are you coming along with your 2018 scrapbooking?


  1. What a lovely set of pages! I love the idea of book gift boxes - inspired!

  2. Oh my the young lady twins are changing so fast - such a great idea to keep that connection going with their love of adventure & books. Nice pages & best of all - done!

  3. Seeing the photos of your nieces opening their boxes made me laugh -we have sooooooo many photos just like that of our younger two sitting side by side opening the same gift at the same time so that neither one spoils the surprise for the other! Now that they are adults they get mostly very different gifts, so it isn't necessary anymore.


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!