Sunday, July 15, 2018

Journaling Hymnal Covered

After journaling and illustrating on several pages in an old hymnal I was gifted a few months ago, I decided it was time to decorate the cover. I chose several patterned papers from the Illustrated Faith Bright & Brave collection and love the way this turned out.

For the cover, I used the "B" side of the Jesus is My Jam paper and cut a cassette tape from the "A" side. I added a die cut treble clef  and titled the cassette Melissa's Soundtrack.

For the spine, I used yellow glitter washi tape, which I covered with clear scotch tape to give it more durability.

I used a yellow patterned paper inside the front cover and added more of the cassette tapes and a die cut music note for a title page. I also added pink Criss Cross washi tape along the inside binding for additional color.

The inside back cover has yet another patterned paper from the Bright & Brave line, more washi tape, and a cassette embellishment.

I'm excited to have this hymnal covered and am enjoying using it as a worship journal where I can illustrate and journal lessons I learn in the Word and in my quiet time with the Lord. (You can see a couple of my illustrated pages HERE and HERE.)

I have to admit my favorite bits from this paper collection are those cassette tapes!  (This is the same line I used for my Make A Joyful Noise Mixed Media Scripture Frame last year.) I still remember when my Grandma sent me my very own tape player/recorder when I was in elementary school. I spent hours recording and listening to cassette tapes. I had a tape player in all my cars until I purchased my current vehicle five years ago! I still have a few of my old cassette tapes, and, yes, we have a player here at home, although we don't listen to them much anymore. Did you grow up listening to cassette tapes? Do you still own any?


  1. You did a meticulous job of covering the hymnal; it's lovely.

  2. Such pretty cheerful colours in your papers. Who knows, cassette tapes may make a come back as are vinyl records, hang on to yours!

  3. It's so bright and cheerful … and easy for you to spot! In my mind's eye, I can see Mum's bible, which was covered in blue flowery wrapping paper … I wonder what happened to it?


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!