Thursday, July 12, 2018

Miscellaneous Crafting

The new deviled egg salad recipe I tried in March was so yummy, I knew it had to go in our favorite recipes album, so I grabbed a few papers from my scrap bin to create a quick 8x8 card. I like the way the striped paper mimics the salad!

An 8x10 canvas was perfect for a favorite Atticus Finch quote. After covering the background with a variety of pages from old books, I painted the edges and some limbs with acrylic paint. The bird (which I realize isn't a mockingbird) is from a decorative napkin and adhered with clear gesso.

At a recent DIY class at our local library, we framed dried flowers in these white Ikea frames.  There are two clear plastic pieces that slide out, so it was easy to assemble a flower collage. A drop of clear adhesive could be used to hold the flowers in place, but I simply pressed mine between the two pieces of plastic and slipped them back in the frame. So far everything is staying in place without any problem.

What miscellaneous items have you created lately?


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